Awesome / Wizards

  • The villians get several, the most memorable being when they easily overrun a heavily fortified elven defense line by using old World War II propaganda films to distract and disorient them. Especially priceless considering how confident the defenders were just seconds previously.
  • Avatar gets one when, after swearing not to fight back, he is shot in the shoulder with an arrow. He proceeds to nonchalantly shrug it off and carry on as normal, despite it having penetrated at least a couple of inches. This is actually what finally convinces the fairies to aid him.
  • The fight sequences.
  • Peace's death comes right in the middle of his own CMOA - when he rushes a tank by himself, on foot, and nearly beats it before Elinore literally stabs him in the back.
  • Peace gets a retroactive one when Avatar reveals that he's been constantly fighting against Blackwolf's influence the entire time. Even when he manages to find his gun again, and is given multiple chances to empty a magazine into the group, he never once thinks of doing it. Elinore even compliments his resolve once it's revealed she was brainwashed into killing him.
  • In a way, the priests' prayer. Aside from being hilarious, it's also pretty obvious that they're just trolling the soldiers for all they're worth. Too bad it doesn't end so well...
  • The grand finale when Avatar finally takes on Blackwolf. Greatest wizards duel ever.
    • Some might call it anticlimatic, but there's just something chilling when Avatar pulls a gun and says, "I'm glad you changed your name, you son of a bitch."
  • Meta-moment of awesome: Ralph said on the DVD commentary that the only reason was even able to complete Wizards was because of the work of animator Irv Spence, one of the top animators on the original Tom and Jerry cartoons, who animated 75% of the entire movie!