Awesome / Witches Abroad

  • The scene that proved that despite having plenty of raw power, it's her grasp of headology that makes Granny Weatherwax really dangerous:
    Granny Weatherwax: Are you watching, Mrs Gogol? Are you watching real close?
    • In short: Gogol threatens Granny with a Voodoo Doll of her, and Granny responds by shoving her arm in a brazier, causing the doll to burst into flames, while she's unhurt.
    Granny: That's headology. It's the only thing that matters. Everything else is just messin' about.
  • Granny and Lilith are imprisoned in Lilith's mirrors. Lilith faces exactly the same choice as Granny does below. "She ran on through the endless reflections." But Granny has a better grip on her identity:
    Granny Weatherwax: Where am I?
    Death: Inside the mirror...
    Granny Weatherwax: When can I get out?
    Death: When you find the one that's real.
    Granny Weatherwax: Is this a trick question?
    Death: No.
    Granny Weatherwax: This one. [points to herself]
  • Vampires have risen from the dead, the grave and the crypt, but have never managed it from the cat.
    • Also, Greebo scaring the living crap out of the "mousie" and the transformed horses.
  • Granny reveals the root of her entire sinister, rude, bullying, pessimistic, disdainful personality in one sentence to Lily: "When you left, I had to be the good one."
  • After Nanny lost the rest of their money and her broomstick, Granny went to go get it back with interest.
  • Human Greebo. Need I say more? He stops a carriage by himself and later itís revealed he still has his claws and is able to take on a bunch of guards all by himself!
  • Magrat always gets an Awesome Moment per book - in this case, when she's apparently cornered by two malevolent women that are actually transfigured snakes.
    And the trouble with small furry animals in a corner is that, just occasionally, one of themís a mongoose.