Awesome / Witch Hunter Robin

  • The Chief in episode 15. Michael is stomped tracking the person who attacked Robin and mentions some keystone information that would solve everything. Chief says "Oh is that all you need?" and reveals his connections to local police force. Not only do they give him the info he needs, apparently he doesn't even need to say why. "Don't underestimate the Japanese police force."
  • Robin in episode 20. How she turns the tables on Sostre is just one step after another on his Villainous Breakdown. From Hat Damage to final Oh, Crap!. Her "World of Cardboard" Speech connects every plot line going back to the Monster of the Week phase, while No Sells everything he's got and then incinerating him.
  • In the last episode, Robin not only delivers a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Zaizen but she also effortlessly blocks his attempts to use the strongest Orbo bullets ever refined on her.