* [[ThePlan Dave's Final Defeat]] : He was expecting to get the last key to his plans, the code needed to use the 300 gigatons of nukes he stole, Instead however, he warps into a fleet of 500 ships, of both Alliance and Meta origin, and the robotic army he stole earlier turns against him. All while he and glados get a gun point reveal that two of there underlings were working against them the whole time, and every thing he has done with them they had set up to ensure he could not run away again.
* Eve killing 2 ships, a cruiser and a mothership DIRECTLY, and the rest of the fleet by hive mind, with A KNIFE STAB.
->'''Fido''':-Seeing the bullshit of Girantina revive after being K.O.'d by the rules that everyone's been pushing on her...rips off their own left horn which somehow grows to the size of a freaking javelin, then jams it right through Girantina's face with the power of pure Wrath-
'''[[color:red: DIE]]!'''
->Fido used...????