Awesome: Walking in the Shadow of Dreams

  • Gendo saying to Yui "Get away from my son", and rejecting the chance to get reunited with her for the sake of Shinji and Rei.
  • Shinji rushing to rescue Ariel in chapter 7. Asuka was very, very grateful if you know what I mean.
  • Rei saving Kensuke from a polar bear.
  • Asuka had sworn she would not pilot an Eva again. However, when in chapter 14 Unit-00 goes berserker and Naoko tries to murder Rei, Asuka gets in her Humongous Mecha again and completely trashes and terminates Unit-00. Her inner dialogue did that scene still more awesome, considering how much she had disliked Rei when they were fourteen.
  • In episode 16, Asuka gets attacked by Arael again... but this time she is managing to endure the ordeal thank to Shinji and her daughter... And then Unit-02 shows up to protect her.
  • When Asuka comes back to Tokyo-3, she moves into the apartment next door to Shinji's. While unpacking, Rei comes by to 'set things straight' with her, though it's mostly to pick a fight (It makes sense in context). Eventually it devolves into a cat fight, which is halted suddenly by Misato taseing them both, which naturally is complete with the Bond One-Liner...
    "Crap like this is why I don't let pilots live with me anymore?"
  • And then of course there's the part where we learn that Third Impact was averted not by Shinji, but Gendo. Ikari. "Get away from MY SON!" has often been a standard cry for a CMOA, but considering who says it, and who he says it to, makes it even more so.
  • Chapter 2 of the rewrite. After getting slugged and maced by Asuka (the mace was a knee-jerk reaction by Asuka after he startled her in an empty classroom) Shinji gets his revenge by introducing himself as a famous EVA pilot during the middle of her class lecture. Asuka had made it clear to her students that her past was "off-limits", so, when the class realizes that he knows things and is willing to answer questions well... lets just say Asuka loses her audience.
  • Chapter 3. After making several attempts at civil conversation, Shinji finally gets tired of Asuka's hostility and makes it abundantly clear that he's not the same timid kid she could push around.
    Asuka: Stop pretending you give a crap, Third.