Awesome: Valkyrie

  • Stauffenberg himself. After their first assasination attempt is aborted and General Fromm threatens the conspirators not to call up the Reserve Army a second time, he demands Stauffenberg say "Heil Hitler" out loud. After a short pause Stauffenberg then gives him the full Hitler salute... with his mutilated arm.
  • The initation of Operation Valkyrie where the Wehrmacht start arresting Nazi leaders left and right.
  • Joseph Goebbels also gets one, of all people. After the bomb has gone off and Operation Valkyrie is rounding up SS Officers and Nazi Party members left and right, he slips a cyanide capsule into his mouth and makes a phone call, whilst remaining cool as ice. Major Remer comes in to tell him he's under orders to arrest him, and Goebbels gives him the phone, with Adolf Hitler on the other end. Remer is shocked to hear Hitler is still alive. Needless to say, Goebbels is not arrested, and after Remer leaves, he just spits out the poison.
  • "Long live Sacred Germany!"