Awesome / Utawarerumono

  • Surprisingly, the Token Mini-Moe Aruru gets one, when she rescues her 'daddy' from an crashing a bus-sized tiger through a building to take the ambushers by surprise. Said tiger was the offspring of the universally feared Ruler of the Forest with fur so dense that swords, spears, and arrows could not penetrate its hide.
    • In the game, she upgrades from cute little girl to Badass Adorable by riding said tiger down a mountain, where she proceeds to kick a LOT of ass.
  • Karura is a continual CMOA from the first moment she appeared. From slaughtering an entire slaver ship's crew during a raging storm to dueling Benwari as an equal, to splitting a bolder with a ludicrously huge sword that only she could lift. And that's just her intro episode.
    • Her 3-on-1 fight against Elite Mooks showcased that yes, she can fight using skill but when you're as overpowered as she is, it's a moot point. Taking a blade through each of her biceps wasn't even enough to slow her down, much less stop her.
    • On another note, she's not afraid to kidnap an Emperor when it suits her to help lead a covert mission to aid a band a rebels with whom she has more than a passing interest in.
  • Touka as well, being one of the very few characters who could fight Karura one-on-one to a standstill, using skill and speed to cut down just as many foes. A typical battle sequence shows Touka cutting down 4-5 enemy soldiers in as many seconds.
  • How about when Hakuro decides to go One-Winged Angel on Hauenkua delivering an incredibly satisfiing No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. All while Tokihanatareta Chikara - Released Power plays.