YMMV / Utawarerumono

  • Ensemble Darkhorse - Touka, her cuteness and fighting style have her beat everyone else in polls. Karura might count, though she actually gets her own arc in the story.
  • Fan Nickname - Karura —> "Carrier", a reference to the StarCraft unit made in a fansub and popularized by a shopped doujin page. "Carrier has arrived."
  • Memetic Mutation - Because the name can be a mouthful to pronounce, people on 4chan just referred to it as "Underwater Ray Romano".
  • Moral Event Horizon - Mikoto was the first one to bear a child, so they dissected her?!
  • That One Level - In the PC version, stage 23 on higher difficulties is completely brutal. Had fun fighting Hien last stage? Let's try facing around 15 of those things!
  • What an Idiot! - The Emperor that turns a small rebellion into a full scale revolution, because he believes that anyone who defies him even slightly (even failing to perform the impossible tasks he sets for them) should be murdered to set an example. It never seems to cross his mind that it might be possible for his army to be defeated. By the time it finally dawns on him that he's not invincible, his entire army has surrendered, his capitol has been captured, and Benawi is literally the only person in the kingdom still loyal to him.