Awesome / Uncanny Avengers

  • Young Thor Vs Apocalypse, in so many ways.
  • Wasp blasting Sentry in the face. He had it coming.
  • The Finale of Avenge the Earth. All of it.
  • Deadpool's plan in issue #21 of the second series to beat the Red Skull - use Magneto's helmet to immunise Rogue against the Skull's mental abilities. Just showing the helmet is enough to get the Skull to flip out and order Rogue to kill him, immediately. When he successfully gets the helmet onto her head, Rogue's awesome Death Glare causes the Skull to practically crap himself as he immediately bolts, trying to get away from her. The end result is him getting the crap beaten out of him and taken unconscious to Beast, to get brain surgery to remove Xavier's brain and get rid of the Skull's bits.