* The opening sequence:
-->'''Narrator''': There were nights when the winds of the Etherium, so inviting in their promise of flight and freedom, made one's spirit ''soar...'' ''(Cue epic {{Timeskip}})''
* The mutineers are trying to get into the cabin using their flintlock lasers, when Silver walks up, "Arrgh... You're taking all day about it!" He combines modular parts from his cyborg arm and hand into a REALLY BIG CANNON and blasts, nay, atomizes the door to kingdom come.
* Any scene in Treasure Planet where Jim is on his solar surfboard. Pure, undiluted, Awesome, especially [[spoiler: during the destruction of Treasure Planet]].
** Also a CrowningMusicOfAwesome. Three words: [[ThePowerOfRock ELECTRIC FREAKIN' GUITAR]].
* Several scenes for Doctor Doppler. The scene where he and the Captain are held prisoner, though, takes the cake:
-->'''Doctor Doppler:''' All my life, I dreamed of an adventure like this. ''[sighs]'' I'm just sorry I couldn't have... been more helpful to you.\\
'''Captain Amelia:''' Oh, don't be daft. You've been very helpful. Truly.\\
'''Doctor Doppler:''' I feel like such a useless weakling... [hands slip out of the rope he was tied with] ... with abnormally thin wrists. [to the pirate guarding them while pretending to still be tied up] Excuse me, brutish pirate.\\
'''Pirate:''' ''[belches]''\\
'''Doctor Doppler:''' Yes, you. I have a question. Is it that your ''body'' is too ''massive'' for your teeny-tiny head... or is it that your ''head'' is too teeny-tiny for your ''big, fat body?!''\\
'''Pirate:''' ''[grabs Doppler]'' I pummel you good!\\
'''Doctor Doppler:''' Yes, I'm sure you will, but before you do, I have one more question. [pulls out a gun and points it at pirate] Is this yours?\\
'''Pirate:''' [[OhCrap Uh...]]
* Jim gets a couple of big ones. The first scene with him riding the solar surfer, mostly just because it looked so cool, making it a CMOA for the animation team as much as for the character. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gNa9zOJWKI Definitely one of the best moments of the film.]] The other is, of course, his run to the portal on another surfer, which he had built out of a [[Film/IronMan BOX OF]] [[MemeticMutation SCRAPS]] only seconds before, especially the bit where he grinds against the canyon wall to reignite the engine.
* The supernova/black hole scene is a CMOA for basically the entire crew of the ''Legacy'' (with the exception of Scroop), but especially for Doppler and Amelia.
* "Pirates? On my ship? I'll see they all hang!" When you are voiced by Emma Thompson, of ''course'' you're awesome!
* This one doubles as a CrowningMomentOfFunny:
-->'''Amelia:''' Did you actually aim for that?
-->'''Doppler:''' (stares at gun in amazement) You know, actually, I ''did!''
* Also for Jim, when he uses Scroop as a stepping stone to hang onto the mast, knocking him into space in the process;
-->'''Scroop:''' [[PreMortemOneLiner Do say hello to Mr. Arrow...]]
-->'''Jim:''' [[IronicEcho Tell him ]]''[[IronicEcho yourself!]]''
* All of the technology is very imaginative, but when the treasure map opens for the first time, revealing a ''3-D, galaxy-wide'' map from a bronze sphere.
** Also[[spoiler: the [[PortalNetwork portal]] on the Treasure Planet. Both visually and via tha implications of such a technology. The way it's revealed is really suspenseful and impressive. The characters themselves are overwhelmed.]]
* Breaking the tension of the scene just before the mutiny:
-->'''Silver:''' Well, I was never much good at games. Always hated to lose. ''[cocks gun behind his back]''
-->'''Jim:''' Yeah...''(grabs a knife)'' me ''too''. ''[stabs Silver in his robotic leg]''
* A line from the trailer counts big time:
-->'''Narrator:''' He may be on a quest for gold...
-->'''Jim:''' 'Gonna make people see me a little different.
-->'''Mr. Arrow:''' Mr. Silver!
-->'''Jim:''' Cyborg!
-->'''Narrator:''' But he'd better watch out... [[{{Pun}} for Silver!]]
* The part where Silver bargains with Jim for the map and the chewing out Jim gives Silver for what he thinks to be a trick Silver is pulling on him after what he overheard in the purp barrel.
--> '''Jim:''' Boy, you are ''really'' something. All that talk of greatness, light coming off my sails. What a joke.
--> '''Silver:''' Now, just see here, Jimbo-
--> '''Jim:''' I mean, at least you taught me one thing. "Stick to it," right? Well, that's just what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna make sure you never see one drubloon of ''MY'' treasure!
-->'''Silver:''' That treasure is owed me, by thunder!
-->'''Jim:''' Well, try to find it without ''my map!'' [[IronicEcho By thunder!]]
* There's one for Silver as well. Most of the time he's kissing up to Captain Amelia, breaking out the PurpleProse and all. When [[spoiler: Treasure Planet starts to fall apart]] and Jim needs their help, he drops the sweet talk flat.
-->'''Silver:''' Well you heard the lad! Get this blasted heap turned ''round''!
** [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness Amelia is left speechless.]]
* The scene where Silver chooses to [[spoiler: save Jim's life after a moment of indecision, giving up a ''lifelong obsession that cost him half his body'' in order to do so!]]
* AwesomeMusic: Let's just cut to the chase and say ''everything''. James Newton Howard provides the best Disney score since ''Disney/TheLionKing''.
* VisualEffectsOfAwesome: Just look below.
** The Etherium is ''gorgeous''.
** The film boasts probably the most impressive blend of CGI and hand-drawn animation ever attempted. Highlights include Silver, whose mechanical parts are CGI while his organic ones are drawn, and B.E.N., who is the film's only CGI-only character. Both instances blend almost seamlessly with the hand-drawn material.
** The [[ThatsNoMoon Montressor Spaceport]] gets a wonderous reveal as the camera zooms in from Dilbert's window. With acompaning [[AwesomeMusic music]].
* Any time Silver shows Scroop who's boss:
** First time, when Scroop is threatening Jim, Silver, whose arm is now a vice, grabs the spider-psycho's free claw and nonchalantly eating a purp, he tells the creep:
--> "Mr. Scroop, you ever see what happens to a fresh purp, when you squeeze, ''real hard''?"
--> (crushes Scroop's claw, causing him to drop Jim)
** Second time, when Jim is hiding in the purp barrel, Scroop tries to undermine Silver's authority by inciting the mutiny early. The old cyborg, still angry about [[spoiler: Mr. Arrow's death and Jim getting the blame for it,]] grabs him by the neck and snarls in his face:
--> "Disobey my orders again, like that ''stunt'' you pulled with [[spoiler: Mr Arrow]] and so help me, [[spoiler: you'll be JOINING HIM!]]"
--> (throws Scroop against the barrel)
* Amelia's agile and [[{{Pun}} cat-like]] DynamicEntry.
* The climax, where [[spoiler: Flint's booby trap is triggered, resulting in Treasure Planet literally tearing itself apart from the inside out. The visuals and score in this scene are stunning.]]
** Not to mention the treasure itself. 'The loot of a thousand worlds' indeed.