->'''Megatron''': ''Is the future of our race not worth a single human life?''
->'''Optimus Prime''': ''[[ShutUpHannibal You'll never stop at one.]] '''[[OneManArmy I will take you all on.]]'''''


[[folder:'''[[AC:2007 live-action film]]''']]
[[caption-width-right:350:''At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall.'']]
* The year was 1986. An animated film is released, to little applause, based on a fairly successful Saturday morning cartoon. Years pass, and the series is relegated to a mere toy franchise with the occasional fanfiction. One decent [[WesternAnimation/BeastWars CGI cartoon-]] [[WesternAnimation/BeastMachines and its sequel.]] A few [[Anime/TransformersArmada anime near]] [[Anime/TransformersEnergon the turn]] [[Anime/TransformersCybertron of the millennium.]] Many short-lived comic series(es). But never again did the series enjoy its same popularity. And then this movie comes along, with a rather brilliant advertising campaign, and the hype is real.
* The film opens with the DreamWorks and Paramount logos. It is quite ominous. But then...
--> [[AC:Optimus Prime:]] ''Before time began, there was... '''the Cube.'''''
** The true awesomeness of this, for those who have not watched the movie, this is the return of Peter Cullen to the voice role of Optimus Prime after more than 20 years.
** On a side note, [[VisualEffectsOfAwesome the CGI]] used to render the Allspark's fall through space is simply beautiful.
* Blackout laying waste to SOCCENT base in Qatar is a visual feast and clearly shows just how much of a threat the Decepticons are; it's also the first time any of the robots transform on screen. ''And it looks so real''.
** Several CMOA go to the humans in that base. They never forget their duty, true soldiers. [[PunnyName Colonel Sharp]] picks up an ax to stop the alien attacker from getting the information. This after getting a first hand look at the monstrosity.
** Lennox, Epps, and the rest of their team manage to not only survive, but wound Blackout enough that he sends Scorponok after them.
* Say what you want about [[TheScrappy Sam Witwicky,]] he saved two grand and managed to convince his teacher to give him three A's in high school just so he could get a car. Not easy.
* Sam's story about his great-times-a-thousand grandfather Archibald may have ended badly, but it's quite epic and inspiring; he took an entire ship so far north they all nearly froze to death, and convinced them with nothing more than his own unshakable faith to continue.
--> '''Archibald Witwicky:''' [[ArcWords No sacrifice,]] [[CatchPhrase no victory!]] We'll get to the Arctic Circle lads.
** To make it even cooler, Film/TransformersTheLastKnight reveals that Sam and Archibald are actually American descendants of a British secret society known as the "Witwiccans", who have been allies of the Transformers since Arthurian times. Both Archibald and Sam found their way back to their roots.
* The entirety of the battle against Scorponok.
** It begins with the initial desert attack, where Scorponok's tail [[EnemyRisingBehind rises eerily out of the desert]] behind Lennox, and his soldiers have a mass OhCrap before shooting up the sand.
** In town, Lennox needs a phone to call the Pentagon, and he has to go through some telemarketer in India. Somehow, he manages to keep relatively calm and get the generals on the phone, even providing some funny moments.
---> '''Lennox:''' Epps, I need a credit card!
** Three words: ''Bring the rain''. The A-10's and AC-130 lay down a hellstorm on Scorponok that the Decepticons will never forget.
** The [[BadassBystander villagers]] get one too. They could have been hostile to the U.S Special Forces team, and they wouldn't have been unjustified in feeling that they brought Scorponok to them. Instead, they start grabbing bolt action rifles and revolvers and fight alongside Lennox and his team despite their own comparatively pitiful firepower. And they show no anger or regret over their massive casualties.
* Frenzy hacks into Air Force One's secure military connection:
## He transforms to robot mode, sneaks into the elevator, and then reverts to boombox mode ''as the hostess walks in''.
## He then transforms again and hides under a table. And the hostess never sees him. [[AllThereInTheManual Supplementary material]] says he has a [[RuleOfCool hologram projector.]]
## He managed to plant a virus while extracting the [[TheBadGuyWins information the Decepticons want.]] When guards come to investigate, he kills them all in seconds and hides in boombox mode; no one knows he was there.
## Once [=AF1=] is on the ground, Frenzy struts past the many, many cops to get into Barricade's car mode. He then [[FlippingTheBird flips them]] [[CrowningMomentOfFunny all off.]]
* Bumblebee versus Barricade
** Before the fight even begins, we get an inkling of how epic it will be by the phrase etched onto Barricade's rear-quarter panel: ''To Punish and Enslave''.
** Sam is running from Barricade. He gets bogged down by keeping Mikaela from getting herself killed. Barricade is almost on top of them. That's when Bumblebee [[BigDamnHeroes slides into]] [[CarFu his legs]] and encourages the kids to climb in. No, that isn't the awesome part. The awesome part is when they are fleeing the scene and Barricade rolls over like an animal, lunges forward, and transforms into car mode in midair! Immediately followed by the car chase with [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome rockin' background music.]] The scene was so amazing, it elicited ''applause'' in theatres.
** Bumblebee transforms into robot form, standing defensively over Sam and Mikaela. Then Barricade leaps forward and kicks Bumblebee in the face, sending him flying into the distance. Bumblebee looks up, shakes it off and rolls back to his feet and returns the favor in one swift motion.
** Mikaela chopping Frenzy's head off is another amazing moment for the human race; and Sam kicking his still living face is quite satisfying, even if it does screw them over later.
** Once the fight is over, Bee drives them away unharmed. Meanwhile, Barricade is lying in a ditch as a pile of scrap. When it comes to Sam's safety, [[MamaBear Bee ain't playing around.]]
* The Autobot's arrival is awesome in a way that surpasses words. It is... magical. The track [[CrowningMusicOfAwesome "Arrival to Earth"]] is so iconic of the film, it is the only piece to be used in all the films thus far; Steve Jablonksy did amazing work.
** The majesty of that scene can be accredited to the music; but its awesomeness goes deeper. The way each of the Autobots scans their alternate modes, while avoiding the general public, ''becoming'' the iconic heroes we know. The crash scene in the countryside where Optimus came down; Ironhide rising from the pool as a scared little girl clutches her [[ShoutOut My Little Pony doll.]]
** This troper was at the midnight showing and the crowd went BUGNUTS during this scene. It was AWESOME!
** It's hard to tell if it is [[TakeThatMe self deprecation]] or just [[Creator/MichaelBay Michael Bay's]] AwesomeEgo showing through, but one of the bystanders at Ratchet's crash site says that it's, "A thousand times cooler than {{Film/Armageddon}}!"
** It ends with all of the Autobots transforming on-screen in a beautiful rotating panorama. The shot of Optimus leaning down towards Sam is just... incredible. [[SugarWiki/MostWonderfulSound And then Peter Cullen speaks]].
* Glen managing to not only crack Sector Seven's encryption but also ''[[HollywoodHacking decipher alien code]]'', in just a few minutes, is very impressive.
** Forget that, he ate an entire plate of donuts! Where did he put it all?
* Shia [=LaBeouf=] as Sam improvised most of his rant about how the Autobots were messing up the backyard, and Peter Cullen, recording his lines in some studio miles away, goes 'Calm down, calm down' in perfect comedic timing.
* Simmons and his Sector Seven goons have kidnapped Sam and Mikaela; they're being interrogated about the aliens during the car ride to a more... ''secure'' location. Simmons is getting fed up with the BlatantLies the kids are spouting. ''"It's time to talk!"'', he says. And then a giant foot smashes into the front of the [=SUV=], and equally massive hands pick it up by the roof. The roof breaks off, and a 30-foot robot tosses it casually into a river.
--> '''Sam:''' Oh, you a-holes are in trouble now. (''Everyone aims their guns.'') Gentlemen, I'd like you to meet my friend. '''''Optimus Prime.'''''\\
'''Optimus:''' Taking the children... was a '''''bad''''' move. Autobots, relieve them of their weapons.\\
(''Ironhide and the others leap from the nearby bridge, armaments out.'')\\
'''Jazz:''' Gimme those! (''Uses his magnet hand to rip the guns away.'')\\
'''Simmons:''' (''shakily'') Hi there.
* Sam charging the Sector Seven agents apprehending Bumblebee is both this and [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming Heartwarming.]]
* Optimus gets to say his famous CatchPhrase when inspiring the Autobots: '''"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings"'''. So good to hear.
* The Decepticons are attacking Hoover Dam, trying to free Megatron and steal the Allspark. Sam wants them to let Bumblebee help get the cube away from the dam. The Sector Seven agents and Lennox's soldiers draw down on one another, and we get this exchange:
-->'''Simmons''': "I'm gonna to count to five."\\
'''Lennox''': (''shoves gun against Agent's chest'') "I'm gonna to count to ''three''."
* The scene of Bumblebee shrinking the Allspark is the ''second'' most magical scene of the movie; watching this thing, millions of years old and bigger than a house, turning into something the size of a football... it's amazing.
* Simmons, Keller, and Maggie get into a shootout with Frenzy. The Decepticon loses.
* Bonecrusher attacks the Autobots on the highway, even smashing a bus to splinters of metal. Then Optimus does a running transformation, and the battle is joined.
** At one point, Bonecrusher punches Optimus; he isn't fazed. The Autobot leader returns the blow, so hard that you can see the Decepticon's ''[[EyeScream eye pop out]]'' while in slow motion.
** He then stabs him in the face and decapitates him.
** In the ComicBookAdaptation and {{Novelization}}, Optimus ended up killing Barricade immediately after.
* Brawl appears as a tank rolling down Mission City's Main Street, which is awesome in and of itself. But then Jazz jumps on him in the most faithful re-creation of a shot from the G1 movie in this entire film. Once Brawl transforms, it takes three Autobots and the human soldiers to even slow him down; Ratchet uses a buzzsaw to hack off one of his arms!
** Ironhide using his cannons to propel himself in the air and somersaulting in mid-air. And that was before dodging missiles from Brawl, while transforming.
* Mikaela giving an awesome little TheReasonYouSuckSpeech to Sam.
-->'''Mikaela''': I have a record because I went and turned my dad in. When have you had to sacrifice anything in your perfect little life?
* When Megatron is finally freed, he screams to the humans nearby, '''[[PunctuatedForEmphasis "I. Am. MEGATRON!"]]''' Then he begins a RoaringRampageOfRevenge.
** Once Megatron gets to the city, he grabs an [[DefiantToTheEnd ever defiant Jazz,]] flies him to a roof, and ''[[HalfTheManHeUSedToBe tears him in half.]]''
** Then Optimus arrives, to a blaring theme-tune, and transforms in the third most beautiful shot this film has. He challenges Megatron, and the battle that follows is glorious.
*** To wit: Megatron flies down, at a speed hard to follow, and Optimus jumps onto his jet form; they crash ''through'' a building, and wrestle in the street, trading one-liners.
---> '''Megatron:''' Humans don't deserve to live.\\
'''Optimus:''' They deserve to choose for themselves!\\
'''Megatron:''' Then you will die ''with them!'' Join them in extinction!
* Sam refusing to give Megatron the Allspark, and being hurled off a building for it. He then uses his family's motto to explain to Optimus why he just gave Megatron a giant middle finger.
--> '''Sam:''' No sacrifice, no victory.
* Mikaela hijacks a tow truck and uses it to drive an injured Bumblebee into battle; together, they do what three other Autobots and half the human soldiers could not do: kill Brawl.
* Captain Lennox gets his greatest [=CMOA=] during the final battle, where he charges Blackout on a motorcycle at high speed, jumps off the motorcycle and ''slides under'' Blackout to deliver a point-blank [[GroinAttack crotch-shot]] with a grenade launcher. It might not have been the killing blow, but it sent a good message.
* Earlier, the soldiers called in an airstrike. Several F-22's finally make it, and they are immediately engaged by Starscream. He plays SteppingStonesInTheSky, shifting seamlessly between robot and jet forms to destroy about half of them. And then he may have even joined them in attacking Megatron!
** When they attack Megatron, it only takes a single missile salvo to bring him to his knees. This tyrant has gone ped-to-ped with ''Optimus Prime'', but humans make him kneel.
* Speaking of, Optimus versus Megatron, round 2!
** Megatron leaps off the roof and tackles Optimus into the street. Optimus sends Sam to hide with the Allspark, then challenges his former brother-in-arms using the most iconic phrase of the franchise:
---> '''Optimus:''' At the end of this day, one shall stand; one shall fall.
** And when Optimus cannot defeat Megatron, he asks Sam to [[HeroicSacrifice unite the Cube with his spark.]] Megatron demands Sam give it to him. The boy [[TakeAThirdOption chooses a different path,]] and shoves the Allspark into Megatron's chest, dispersing it and killing the tyrant.
* Optimus closes the film much like he opened it, with a grand speech; this time, accepting his race's eventual fate and saying those who remain should enjoy the time on their new home, Earth.

[[folder:'''[[AC:Works With Their Own Pages]]''']]
* ''Awesome/TheTransformers'' (TV series, 1984-1987; and comic book series, 1984-1991)
* ''Awesome/TheTransformersTheMovie'' (1986)
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* ''Awesome/TFWikiDotNet''

[[folder:'''[[AC:Dreamwave Transformers comics]]''']]
* In a ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'' vs. ''Franchise/GIJoe'' comic set in UsefulNotes/WorldWarII, Grimlock and Roadblock are hanging onto a cliff, and Grimlock is starting to slip. He tries to get Roadblock to save himself, that he'd try to hold on long enough for him to get up, but Roadblock refuses:
--> "Did you say ''TRY?'' We don't ''try'' around here, soldier -- do you hear me? We don't try, and we don't ''quit!'' NOW ''REACH!'' ''GRAB'' THAT DIRT! You are a lean, mean, climbing machine, and you are going nowhere but up! Sound off! I want to hear you say it -- 'Me, Grimlock, going up!'"
* In the second Generation 1 mini-series, Ultra Magnus takes down Menasor while still in truck mode. He does this by hurling insults to each of the Stunticons that make the Combiner. This drives Menasor insane and allows Ultra Magnus to catch air and ram Menasor IN THE FACE.

[[folder:'''[[AC:IDW Transformers comics]]''']]
* In Spotlight: Metroplex, Sixshot hunts the Throttlebots through (unbeknownst to him) Metroplex's alleyways. Just as he's about to kill off one of the Throttlebots for good, [[spoiler:Metroplex pops his arm out and pounds Sixshot full-force into the ground with his fist]]. And then Sixshot ''stands up again''. So [[spoiler:Metroplex transforms into his ridiculously gigantic robot mode and ''steps'' on Sixshot]]. (In a splash panel spanning two entire pages, no less.) At the end of the issue we see that Sixshot [[spoiler:is still ''alive and moving'' after all that, albeit quite crushed and mangled]]. Really it's a case of both the good and bad guy getting a moment of awesome at the same time.
* In the {{Steampunk}} story ''Hearts of Steel'', Creator/MarkTwain manages to single-handedly defeat Ravage with a lit cigar and a gas-filled house.