Awesome / Touhou Doujin: Dawitsu's Folly

Entire Series

Holiday Edition

  • A scene in Holiday Edition doubles as this and a CMOHW and involves two perverse Otaku seeming just about ready to ready to kidnap Sakuya and take her home. Dawitsu comes in and declares 'What are you doing staring at my wife like that?' and proceeds to take Sakuya away from the area, saving her from perverts without her having to knife the poor idiots.

Dawitsu's Recompense

  • Aya snapping in Dawitsu's Recompense at Reimu's Jerkassery and beating the crap out of her. This comes to bite her in the ass when she nearly fatally injures her, potentially causing the end of Gensokyo.

Jean's Magical Education

  • A moment in Jean's Magical Education sees Dawitsu snap and deliver a brutal The "Reason You Suck" speech to Reimu- 'You listen, Missy, you need a MASSIVE reality check! The outside world is FULL of women, don't think you're so special. And you know why I like Yutaka so much... it's because she is special! And considering you almost tried to leave Kourindou without him when Sakuya and I confronted you, I can assure you you don't know a THING about how commitment works! And, what's more, he probably wasn't fooling around with Marisa! She's... what is she, fifteen? And you're sixteen, so he's probably not interested in either of you... hell, I know that for a fact!'. However, this CMOA gets quickly demolished as Reimu responds by beating the crap out of Dawitsu.