!! The Burrowers Beneath

* Titus Crow managing to figure out the entirety of the Cthulhu Cycle Deities existence as well as the Chthonians plot against the world on his own. Notably, the Wilmarth Foundation had done the same but they were a massive AncientTradition working to that goal while Titus was just a bored bystander with a penchant for the occult.
* Titus freeing Henri from the Chthonians' control with an exorcism from an old book. Doubly so for the fact he had no idea it would work.
* The psychics from the Wilmarth Foundation who actually ''successfully hold back Cthulhu'' in a mental battle. [[HeroicSacrifice It destroys them]] but it prevents the EndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.
* The Wilmarth Foundation as a whole gets one as they manage to successfully fight a full-scale global war against the Chthonians in secret and ''win''. No, they don't manage to kill one of the Great Old Ones and suffer terrible losses but they prevent the Chthonians from taking over the world.

!! Spawn of the Winds

* The fact Armandra has been fighting a guerilla war successfully against her father for years despite the fact he's a PhysicalGod and she's a BlackMagicianGirl.
* The fact Hank and his companions are able to use the collection of Star Stones they've found to ''win'' against Ithaqua's armies despite being vastly outnumbered [[spoiler: as well as betrayed by one of their own.]]

!! The Moons of Borea

* After having been chased across three planetoids, the heroes finally get the Clock of Dreams back and immediately turn its WaveMotionGun-esque laser on Ithaqua. It is not the first time a Great Old One has been defeated by the protagonists but it's one of the most satisfying.