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Awesome: The Long Ships
  • How Sigurd Buesson made use of his long hair, after the battle of Hjörungavágr, to save himself (and a few other prisoners) from execution.
  • When the Bulgar Gold is divided among the crew and several of them go catatonic because they are literally mathematically unable to calculate how rich they have become.
  • A meta example: In the early 40s, a Norwegian publisher bought the translation rights and, being under Nazi occupation at the time, asked if they could make some "deletions and corrections" (most obviously, Orm's friendship with a Jew). Bengtsson's reply:
    I will allow neither a single comma nor a single Jew to be removed from the book (...) I completely refuse to be translated into Norwegian until these criminally insane cretins have stopped working in publishing there, and preferably stopped doing everything else as well.
    • And when a publisher in the similarly occupied Prague asked to do the same:
    May the fires of Sodom and Gomorra wash clean a world in which these ideas are born from the incest of villains and idiots.

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