Funny / The Long Ships

  • The marriage scene between Ylva and Red Orm.
  • When Sigurd Buesson tells his story (see Awesome, above), all the listeners find his tale extremely funny.
  • In-story, the day when the jesters jest so hard their king laughs himself to death should qualify.
  • Orm, who's converted from Norse paganism to Islam to Christianity, tries to help Rainald convert an enemy to the true faith. Or whichever one it is he's following right now.
    Orm: Being a Christian is easy. All you need to do is to say "There is no god but God, and Jesus is His prophet."
    Rainald: His son!
    Orm: Right. His son. I knew that.
    • The funniest part? What Orm said, while not the Shahadah, is basically consistent with Islam anyway. Jesus is considered an Islamic prophet.
  • the book is loaded with little jokes from start to finish, be they clever turns of phrase or outright slapstick or Refuge in Audacity humor. One instance of all three at once is when Orm receives two visitors and notes that one looks as though he had been "shaven for the priesthood." The man's reason for having no beard? He lit it on fire when roasting some pork in a wind.