Funny / The Long Ships

  • The marriage scene between Ylva and Red Orm.
  • When Sigurd Buesson tells his story (see Awesome, above), all the listeners find his tale extremely funny.
  • In-story, the day when the jesters jest so hard their king laughs himself to death should qualify.
  • Orm, who's converted from Norse paganism to Islam to Christianity, tries to help Rainald convert an enemy to the true faith. Or whichever one it is he's following right now.
    Orm: Being a Christian is easy. All you need to do is to say "There is no god but God, and Jesus is His prophet."
    Rainald: His son!
    Orm: Right. His son. I knew that.
    • The funniest part? What Orm said, while not the Shahadah, is basically consistent with Islam anyway. Jesus is considered an Islamic prophet.