Awesome / The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

  • Weed's slow but rewarding effort to master and make money off of the Sculptor Profession. Its especially satisfying when its revealed that most sculptors quit because the job is too difficult and the amount of effort needed to master it isn't worth the trouble. It only took someone of Weed's tenacity and determination to stick through with it and eventually inspire aspiring sculptors all across the world to follow in his footsteps.
  • Whenever Weed beats the odds and stuns the audience watching who first believed that he was doomed to fail. Most notably, Weed's conquer of Rodryek's Labyrinth, the Embinyu Church, and the Chaos Dragon, which was said to have an almost impossible difficulty rating too complete and yet he did it. In front of everybody. Needless to say, this was recorded as one of the single most amazing accomplishments ever done in Royal Road.
  • Weed's rise to fame in Royal Road from being a common sculptor that people would pass by without sparring him another glance in the first few volumes. Through sheer perseverance, intuitiveness, and desire for profit (he's really greedy), Weed transcended everyone'e expectations and volumes later, Weed has become so popular and famous that people have begun to worship him and he becomes regarded as the #1 adventurer in Royal Road by far, even beating out individuals who's profession is exactly that.