* ''The Last Days of Foxhound'' contains a very large number of these, but the standout one surely has to be [[http://gigaville.com/comic.php?id=104 where]] Liquid beats the living crap out of Grey Fox with a whacking great hole in his chest induced by a sudden attack of sword.
--> '''Liquid''': The fuck are you lookin' at, chief?\\
'''Raven:''' Nothing!
* Starting [[http://gigaville.com/comic.php?id=295 here]], and ending [[http://gigaville.com/comic.php?id=300 here]], Ocelot handing Mantis the most devastating defeat of his life using nothing but his silver tongue, while simultaneously revealing that every time Mantis thought he had the upper hand, Ocelot was actually playing him like a true MagnificentBastard. Also notable for what is possibly the best comeback ever:
-->'''Mantis''': I mean, you must spend every day pretending to act like you're falsely letting on that you aren't not unbetraying someone you don't not purport to allegedly not work for but really ''do''! How do you keep this shit straight without having an ''aneurysm''?\\
'''Ocelot''': (''shrug'') Practice.
** Of course, this is immediately followed by Mantis' moment, a [[http://gigaville.com/comic.php?id=301 rage-and-hate-filled homicidal rampage.]]
--->'''Mantis''': I'm torching everything that moves and almost everything that doesn't.\\
'''Liquid''': ''Why''?\\
'''Mantis''': Why ''not''?\\
'''Liquid''': (StunnedSilence. {{Beat}}.) Alright, but why are you doing it ''now''?\\
'''Mantis''': ''Much'' better question.
* Raven disposing of the team's latest target by shooting him in the face. With a ''[[http://gigaville.com/comic.php?id=317 tank]]''.
** Raven may also deserve one for staring down [[spoiler:Big Boss]] when he was possessing Liquid's body, knowing that the guy could probably tear him to pieces in hand to hand combat if things got started up. And Raven still stood his ground until the tranq finally kicked in. Cue the PostVictoryCollapse.
--->'''Raven:''' That took waaaaaaaaaaay too damn long.
* Sniper Wolf's [[http://gigaville.com/comic.php?id=12 introduction]]:
-->'''Ocelot''': So you made all that up, right?\\
'''Wolf''': You vant I should vaste a bullet?
* Ocelot [[http://gigaville.com/comic.php?id=267 proving he is, indeed, the better shot.]]
* Nano Jackal approaches Ocelot's level of marksmanship when, faced with two armed soldiers, [[http://gigaville.com/comic.php?id=176 she kills one by bouncing a bullet off his partner's gun before shooting the partner himself]]. Bad. Fucking. ASS.
** Of course, she just did the math. Which puts her on [[{{Series/Firefly}} River Tam's]] level.
* [[NonActionGuy Of all]] [[TheUnfought people]], Decoy Octopus gets one when [[http://www.doctorshrugs.com/foxhound/comic.php?id=248 Liquid's spirit enters his body to fight with Big Boss.]]
* The mirror match between Liquid and Big Boss.
** With special mention to the transformation of Liquid to a true Magnificent Bastard. [[http://www.doctorshrugs.com/foxhound/comic.php?id=253 Here in all its glory.]]
* Freakin' [[ThisLoserIsYou Otacon]] gets one when he courageously [[http://www.doctorshrugs.com/foxhound/comic.php?id=448 acts as a human shield]], risking his life to save ''[[PetTheDog dogs]]''.
* [[http://gigaville.com/comic.php?id=234 Just fuckin' with him.]]
* During a flashback, "The Boss" proves just how bad-ass she is by leading the Normandy Invasion, [[http://www.doctorshrugs.com/foxhound/comic.php?id=339 but not before performing]] a [[PregnantBadass C-Section]] on herself, [[http://www.doctorshrugs.com/foxhound/comic.php?id=340 then sewing herself up.]]
* Liquid Snake coming up with a plan to stop a hostage situation nonlethally in the drugstore. He defuses the entire situation without a shot going off, in stark contrast to his usual approach of hitting things until they die. [[spoiler: Granted, he should have paid more attention to the dosage of the pills... But everyone made it out fine.]]