Awesome / The Facts of Life

In the TV series:

  • Jo, in the episode "Double Standard," beating Harrison Andrews with a shoe after he tries to rape her.
    • Blair trying to punch Harrison Andrews after she finds out he tried to rape Jo.
      • Doubles as a Crowning Momentof Funny because Blair, in an attempt to dress more like the tough girl Harrison apparently favors, is in a biker get-up straight out of The Wild One.
  • When Jeri gets asked out on a date by Mr. Palmer, the hot French professor, Blair thinks he's only doing it because he feels sorry for her. After being out with him all night, Jeri sets the record straight.
    Blair: I just don't want you letting him take advantage of you because you feel grateful to him.
    Jeri: Grateful?! I don't have to feel grateful that he asked me out! He's lucky I went!
  • One exchange between Jo and a guy that almost got into a fight with her:
    Tough Guy: You're lucky you're a girl.
    Jo: So are you.