Awesome / The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

  • The entire battle for Kvatch is one of these in spades, especially the first time you step through an Oblivion Gate. Not many games have you storming the gates of Hell and kicking demon ass at Level One.
    • Ilend Vonius, one of the surviving guards, survived inside Oblivion by fighting off Daedra for who knows how long while the rest of his comrades were killed on the bridge to the tower. He was kicking demon ass for hours before you showed up. He also made it out of the city with the rest of the surviving guards, which is no small feat, either.
  • Once you kill Mankor Camoran, his 'Paradise' starts falling to pieces and you're teleported back to Cloud Ruler Temple, the Amulet of Kings in your hand. As the portal dissolves, Jauffre says 'Blades! Pay homage to Martin's champion!' And every single one of them will bow before you.
  • Stealing an Elder Scroll from the heavily guarded Imperial Palace.
  • Martin becoming the Avatar of Akatosh, banishing Mehrunes Dagon into Oblivion, and sealing it off forever. Once he reaches the Temple of the One in the Imperial City, he shatters the Amulet of Kings, transforms into a giant flaming dragon, and sends Mehrunes Dagon back to Oblivion before turning into a statute.
    • There is only one way to make this more awesome. Playing Dragonforce's epic "Through the Fire and Flames" in the background. Hell Yeah.
  • Oblivion 's Expansion Pack has a moment that mirrors Morrowind 's Tribunal Expansion Pack, when the player kills Jyggalag, a god even stronger than Amalexia. Of course, Jyggalag being Sheogorath, this also counts as a Tear Jerker to some.
    • He didn't necessarily KILL Jyggalag, just kept beating the crap out of him until he calmed down. Which is even more impressive, given that the source of Jyggalag's anger was his betrayal by all of his fellow gods, having the Order which he so loved taken from him, being turned into a being of Chaos (that which his entire purpose for being was to oppose), and being forced to watch himself build monuments to this Chaos, being let free once every era to try and fix what he had done, but only having enough time to destroy it all before reverting and watching himself rebuild it. The player's response? Essentially: "Stop whining, or I'll hit you again."
      • Also Daedric Lord don't die. They are just banished back to their plane of Oblivion.
      • Of course, the player isn't fighting a god in the physical realm. The player's fighting a god in his own realm, at full strength.
  • Completing Shivering Isles' Main Quest and becoming the new Sheogorath.
    • The scope of the Shivering Isles' awesome crowning requires an elaboration. 
  • "This individual is not to be trifled with." The game is full of people falling all over themselves to compliment you, but there's no compliment like one passed privately between foes.
  • Here's one for one of the Dark Brotherhood Quests fittingly called "Whodunnit?". Ever remember reading or hearing stories about people being trapped in a place with a killer hiding amongst them and killing them one by one? Given this is a Dark Brotherhood Mission, it stands to reason that you, the player, will be playing the murderer and you receive the bonus if you aren't found out. Not to mention the multiple ways you can manipulate people to be alone where you can pick them off or even turn them against each other is very delicious to play with.

Alternative Title(s): The Elder Scrolls Four