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Awesome: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
  • The entire battle for Kvatch is one of these in spades, especially the first time you step through an Oblivion Gate. Not many games have you storming the gates of Hell and kicking demon ass at Level One.
  • Once you kill Mankor Camoran, his 'Paradise' starts falling to pieces and you're teleported back to Cloud Ruler Temple, the Amulet of Kings in your hand. As the portal dissolves, Jauffre says 'Blades! Pay homage to Martin's champion!' And every single one of them will bow before you.
  • Stealing an Elder Scroll from the heavily guarded Imperial Palace.
  • Martin becoming the Avatar of Akatosh, banishing Mehrunes Dagon into Oblivion, and sealing it off forever.
  • Completing Shivering Isles' Main Quest and becoming the new Sheogorath.
    • The scope of the Shivering Isles' awesome crowning requires an elaboration. 
  • "This individual is not to be trifled with." The game is full of people falling all over themselves to compliment you, but there's no compliment like one passed privately between foes.
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