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Awesome: The Dusk Guard Saga
  • The fight with the crystal golem.
    • Nova using a pillar first as a club, and then as a spear, nailing the golem to the floor through the chest, destroying it.
    Nova: And, that. Is how, you hit it until it stops moving. Sir.
  • The first flight of The Hummingbird. Sky Bolt's excitement is palpable.
  • Storming the ERS R&D building is one long series of Crowning Moments.
    • The duel between Steel Song and Blade
    • The fight with the golem army, culminating in a frantic escape as the building falls apart around them
    • Nova, who has been up to this point extremely ashamed of and trying to forget an incident in which he almost killed a guard in a feat of panicked spellcasting, finally manages to break away from his Dark and Troubled Past, pushes through his extreme exhaustion, and casts the fateful spell again, completely freezing the giant golem under a foot-thick layer of ice.
  • Steel, having realized that the strange creature they are chasing mimics and amplifies emotions, faces down a hydra while doing everything he can to both not be afraid and calm it down without attacking. It works.
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