Awesome / The Closer

  • Cpt. Raydor, shotgun in hand, confronts a fleeing perp:
    Raydor: I got him!
    [the guy stops and turns around]
    Perp: What are you gonna do, lady? Shoot me?
    [Sharon nails him in the head with a beanbag round]
    Tao: HOLY CRAP! You got him right between the eyes!
    Raydor: Lucky shot. The recoil on these beanbag guns is awful.
    [Tao, Sanchez, and Gabriel stare at her with amazement as she saunters away]
  • Buzz, of all people, gets a passing one. Yeah, Buzz, almost-never-seen-outside-of-the-viewing-room-Buzz. Unlike the multiple cops that searched the suspect, Buzz notices the gun that perp in the interview room pulls out . . . and is about to use it to kill Brenda. Without Buzz's quick warning, the guy may well have killed her instead of himself. Very subtle, very awesome.
  • Early on, there's a scene where Brenda finds herself alone with the killer. After being hit repeatedly by a cattle prod, she still manages to shoot him—repeatedly. Then she grabs her recorder and tries to get a confession from the dying man. The bad guy grabs his prod again, and she ends up shooting him again—but still feels like she's failed for not "closing" the case. Wow.
  • "Go slack."