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YMMV: The Closer
  • Complete Monster
    • Philip Stroh is a truly Amoral Attorney who defends sex offenders, but who also happens to be a serial rapist who used one of his clients as a stalking horse. He is notably one of the few criminals that Major Crimes hasn't nailed, managing to beat Brenda at her own game. For Brenda, he's That One Case.
    • Roger Stimple, a child molester who loves to rape and kill prepubescent black girls. You feel NO sympathy when Sgt. Gabriel beats the everlasting shit out of him, or when Commander Taylor throws him into Central Booking and lets slip he's a child molester (whereupon Stimple gets an impressive beatdown from the other inmates).
    • The manager of the Summerview rest home, Mr. Wayley, had been killing old people without loved ones just so he can get a bonus. He not only expressed nothing but contempt for his victims (his "Who cares" speech), he even has the gall to try to bribe the police to drop the charges and let the witness investigating him stay at Summerview free of charge.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Nobody expected Raydor to be popular, let alone popular enough to helm the spinoff series Major Crimes.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Actor and politician Eric Garcetti, who portrayed Los Angeles Mayor Ramon Quintero on the show, would go on to be elected Mayor of LA in Real Life in 2013.
  • Les Yay: Now that they've (reluctantly) admitted admiration for each other, Brenda and Captain Raydor have been having moments. Especially in "Last Woman Standing", with Raydor giving Brenda pep talks and fashion hints (It Makes Sense in Context). This only gets turned Up to Eleven during the seventh season, as Brenda and Raydor go from Worthy Opponents to unlikely but extremely effective allies - and, possibly, even friends. Suffice it to say the 2011 summer finale "Fresh Pursuit" left Brenda/Sharon fans hoarse from the squee.
  • Never Live It Down:
Brenda's adulterous affair with Pope. Even though she has since married Fritz, he's not above mentioning her affair with Pope when he feels that she is putting her ex-lover before their marriage or her own career.
  • Frit Howard's drinking problem; besides nearly destroying his career, Fritz (prior to the start of the series) regularly drove while shitfaced drunk, to the point that he wake up in strange places with no memory of driving there.
  • Tear Jerker: "Maternal Instincts."
    • Brenda's mom's death, oh god.
    Brenda: Momma? Momma? MOMMA! FRITZ! FRITZ! FRITZ!
  • Growing the Beard / Jumping the Shark: Depending on if you think Brenda having to take responsibility for her less-than-professional actions was a good thing or if you think she should have kept getting away with it/they deserved it (and also whether or not you like overreaching arcs), you might think the show either grew the beard or jumped the shark with the lawsuit and the hunt for the leak within Major Crimes.

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