!!For [[Series/TheBradyBunch the original show]]
* In "Vote For Brady", Greg tells off his campaign manager when he suggests running a smear campaign against [[ItsPersonal Marcia]]. And when the manager announces he's going to do it anyway, Greg fires him on the spot.
* In the episode "A Firstful of Reasons", Peter tries to reason with Buddy Hinton in order to make him stop bullying Cindy. When he fails and Buddy demands a fight, Peter gives him a punch that sends him sprawling into the dirt and ''knocks his tooth loose''. The bully even admits later on that Peter's got a great left hook.

!!For [[Film/TheBradyBunch the movies]]
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: The grunge remix of [[Music/TheMonkees Davy Jones]]' "Girl."
* [[spoiler: Mike punching Trevor.]]