* An entire arc is dedicated to Riley getting his hair braided to match the show. Since Granddad won't let him, Riley in acts a XanatosGambit. He spends the entire arc causing trouble around the neighborhood. Since he has an afro, he looks exactly like Huey, who ends up taking the fall for all of Riley's actions. At the end, Riley manages to use reverse psychology on Granddad to allow his hair to get braided. If nothing else, he gets to cause trouble while not getting into any himself.
* [[http://www.gocomics.com/boondocks/2001/10/06/ Huey calling the Department of Homeland Security to inform them of key Bush Administration members' involvement with funding and training Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.]]
* Aaron [=McGruder's=] response to the criticism people started giving him for addressing 9/11 only weeks after it happened. To get a pre-emptive strike on the ExecutiveMeddling he was sure would come he replaced ''The Boondocks'' with "The Adventures Of Flagee and Ribbon", which according to the editors note provided was replacing ''The Boondocks'' as "[[SarcasmMode a hilariously new patriotic offering]]". Let's just say [[http://www.gocomics.com/boondocks/2001/10/17/ he]][[http://www.gocomics.com/boondocks/2001/10/18/ wasn't]] [[http://www.gocomics.com/boondocks/2001/10/19/ pulling]] [[http://www.gocomics.com/boondocks/2001/10/20/ any]] [[http://www.gocomics.com/boondocks/2001/10/22/ punches.]]

[[folder:Season 1]]
!! The Trial of R. Kelly
* Huey calling out the jury for still thinking R. Kelly is a victim (even after the mountain of evidence that proves he peed on an underage girl).
-->What the hell is wrong with you people? Every famous nigga that gets arrested is not Nelson Mandela! Yes, the government conspires to put a lot of innocent black men in jail on fallacious charges. But R. Kelly is not one of those men! We all know the nigga can sing! But, what happened to standards? What happen to bare minimums? You a fan of R. Kelly? You want to help R. Kelly? Then get some counseling for R. Kelly, introduce him to some older women, hide his camcorder! But, don't pretend like the man is a hero!

-->And stop the damn dancing, act like you got some goddamn sense people! Damn! Through playin' around here!

!! Guess Hoe's Coming To Dinner
* Robert stopping Slickback's hand with his belt. Who'd have thought Robert would have a BigDamnHeroes moment?
-->'''Granddad:''' You ain't gonna hit no woman in my house!\\
'''Slickback:''' What woman, sir? This here's a hoe!\\
'''Granddad:''' [[ThemeMusicPowerUp Not in this house, she's not.]]

!! Granddad's Fight
* Huey's dream in which he has a swordfight with a Blind Nigga Samurai (who sounds like Stinkmeaner).
* Robert's second fight with Stinkmeaner, though it's more darkly funny than cool.

!! A Date with the Health Inspector
* The shootout between Ed and Rummy vs. the convenience store owners, which is both awesome and ridiculous at the same time.

!! A Huey Freeman Christmas
* Huey's teacher Mr. Uberwitz putting on Huey's play, exactly as he had written it. He gets fired, of course... but then he gets a new job at the University of Maryland. So even though he's a typical "clueless well-intentioned white idiot", he gets some good karma for doing the right thing.

!! Return of the King
* Martin Luther King Jr's speech, decrying the ignorance of modern African-American society:

-->Is this it? This is what I got all those ass-whoopings for? [[IronicEcho I had a dream once]]. It was a dream that little black boys and little black girls would drink from the river of prosperity, freed from the thirst of oppression. But lo' and behold, some four decades later, what have I found but a bunch of trifling, shiftless, good-for-nothing ''[[NWordPrivileges niggas]]''. And I know some of you don't want to hear me say that word -- it's the ugliest word in the English language. But that's what I see now -- niggas.

-->And you don't want to be a nigga. Because niggas are living contradictions. Niggas are full of unfulfilled ambitions. Niggas wax and wane. Niggas love to complain. Niggas love to hear themselves talk but hate to explain. Niggas love being another man's judge and jury. Niggas procrastinate until it's time to worry. Niggas love to be late. Niggas hate to hurry! [...]

-->BlackEntertainmentTelevision is [[TakeThat the worst thing I've ever seen in my life]]! [...] Music/{{Usher}}, Music/MichaelJackson is NOT a genre of music! [...] And now I'd like to talk about ''Film/SoulPlane''. [...] I've seen what's around the corner. I've seen what's over the horizon and I promise you, you niggas have nothing to celebrate! And no, I won't get there with you. [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere I'm going to Canada]].

!! Let's Nab Oprah
* Huey creating the "Black Power Fist" shock glove, and his fight with Bushido Brown.

!! Riley Wuz Here
* Riley and his Art Teacher's antics. They form a friendship, Riley learns how to paint great works of art -- and then a sudden police chase ensues.

!! The Passion of Reverend Ruckus
* Huey, who had been portrayed as an atheist the entire episode, finally breaks down upon the realization that he's only a kid who can't do everything. With nowhere else to turn, he breaks down and prays:
--> Huey: I've never prayed before. I don't even know who I'm praying to. I may be too young to know what the world is supposed to be, but it's not supposed to be this. It can't be this. So please...
* Ruckus giving a passionate racist speech during a lightning storm.
-->'''Uncle Ruckus:''' Now let us pray. Lord, I have spent my whole life hatin' you for makin' me black. And now I see I must hate myself and all those like me, and cause them misery just like your savior Ronald Reagan did. And if any of my words don't come directly from the almighty God himself, then may I be struck by lightnin' right this very instant! Halle-- *gets struck by lightning*
* Shabazz's execution is happening while Ruckus is making that speech. It turns into a double [=CMoA=] [[spoiler: when the same lightning bolt that strikes Ruckus shuts down the power to the electric chair long enough for the governor's call to come through]].

[[folder:Season 2]]
!! ...Or Die Trying
* Uncle Ruckus reveals some HiddenDepths to Huey: "What? You think you the only one to learn the ancient and deadly art of the Nunchaku?"
* The awesome freeze frame of Huey and Uncle Ruckus at the end.

!! Tom, Sarah and Usher
* Tom of all people gets one. Sarah meets Usher, falls in love, then kicks Tom out of the house, who then stays with Huey's family. They call in [[InsistentTerminology A Pimp Named Slickback]] to help him. Tom goes to the place Sarah is meeting Usher and he then calls her a bitch, tells her to get her ass in the car, and, instead of pimp-smacking her like A Pimp Named Slickback had been telling him to, he bitch-slaps Usher. [[spoiler:But this moment is short-lived because it turns out that Sarah wasn't having an affair, while Usher and his bodyguards retaliate by beating Tom in front of his wife and daughter.]]

!! Thank You For Not Snitching
* Ed Wuncler III & Gin Rummy stealing Riley's bike at the end.

!! Stinkmeaner Strikes Back
* Stinkmeaner being proclaimed "... the baddest motherfucker that Hell had ever seen." and then calling [[{{Satan}} the devil himself]] a "BITCH-ASS NYUKKA!!!".
** Speak nothing of [[TrainingFromHell what]] [[LikeABadassOutOfHell happened]] Before the scene...
* Stinkmeaner deals very harshly with the first man to cross his path after he [[spoiler:returns from Hell as a possessing spirit:]] "THEN, YOU GOT KICKED IN YO CHEST!"
* The three-on-one fight involving Huey, Robert and Riley versus [[spoiler:Stinkmeaner possessing Tom.]]

!! The Story of Thugnificent
* Thugnificent recording "Eff Grandad".

!! Attack of the Killer Kung-Fu Wolf Bitch
* It's implied that Luna had gotten back at every man who had abused her, going by her expression and what she said. There's also the moments where she's proven her to be a {{Badass}}.

!! Shinin'
* In the seventh episode of Season 2, Riley [[spoiler:gets his Lethal Interjection chain stolen]] by local bully Butch Magnus Milosevic. Butch is far bigger and stronger than Riley, has a crew of his own, and is implied to be known for doing what he wants since no one his age can beat him in a fight. Riley not only [[BullyingADragon IMMEDIATELY confronts Butch]] and challenges him to a fight [[spoiler: for stealing his chain]], but he INITIATES the fight [[DidYouJustFlipOffCthulhu by calling him "Bitch Magnus."]] He then shows an [[FragileSpeedster impressive ability]] to dodge Butch's punches, although Butch's [[MightyGlacier size and strength advantage]] eventually catches up to Riley. He may have lost (and handily at that), but anyone who says Riley didn't go down like a G is lying; he [[{{Determinator}} didn't stop]] until he literally couldn't get up (at one point spitting blood out of his mouth and [[AttackAttackAttack rushing back in to get more)]], and finished the fight calling Butch a bitch (again), [[DefiantToTheEnd even as he was getting his ass handed to him.]]
** His OWN age?! Butch beat the crap out of a full grown infantry drill instructor (the ones usually hired to haul bad kids off to boot camp on daytime talk show episodes about parents who can't control their delinquent children) '''and''' broke the leg of one of the other members of Lethal Interjection - a kid his own age wouldnt stand a chance no matter how badass he was. Riley standing up to this ogre is nothing short of balls the size of Jupiter.

!! Ballin'
* The autistic kid, Billy Matthews.

!! Home Alone
* Huey and Riley's epic BB gunfight.

!! The Story Of Catcher Freeman
* Robert's and Uncle Ruckus' versions of the Catcher Freeman story. Robert tells it as if Catcher was TheCape; Uncle Ruckus (to Riley's glee) tells it more like Catcher was the 'missing link'.
* Thelma Freeman's attack against the slave plantation. They should make a serious '''spin-off''' series about her life, she was so cool!

[[folder:Season 3]]
!! Bitches to Rags
* Sergeant Gutter's response video to Thugnificent in.
* Thugnificent's TakeThat rant against Sgt. Gutter was pretty awesome too.

!! The Red Ball
* The Woodcrest team replace the crooked ref with their own crooked ref - Uncle Ruckus. He's just as bad to the Chinese as he is to African-Americans.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf7whivRlLs Huey does not like getting laughed at. Also, he can speak Chinese.]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7ZpZK8-IJU&feature=related The final confrontation]] between [[WorthyOpponent Huey and Ming]] is a deliberate homage to the-over-the top school of anime combat.

!! Smokin' with Cigarettes
* Riley's fight against Lamilton. The only fight he actually ''wins''.
* The social worker gets one himself by leaping off the roof of the school and body slamming Lamilton after the fight.

!! The Fundraiser
* A big Crowning Moment of Awesome for Riley's particular, let's say, ''organizing skills''.
* Cindy is not only not intimidated by the chocolate mafia, she beats up one of their soldiers with a baseball bat!
* Riley's "[[ClusterFBomb fuck your X]]" speech, also doubling as a CrowningMomentOfFunny.
-->'''Riley:''' Fuck you. Fuck the plane you flew in on. Fuck them shoes. Fuck those socks with the belt on it. Fuck your gay ass fairy fagot accent. Fuck them cheap ass cigars. Fuck your yuckmouth teeth. Fuck your hairpiece. Fuck your chocolate. Fuck Guy Ritchie. Fuck Prince William. Fuck the Queen. This is America. My president is black and my Lambo is blue nigga. Now get the fuck out my hotel room and if I see you on the street I'm slapping the shit out of you!

!! A Date with the Booty Warrior
** Tom coming back for the kids ''twice'' and standing up to The Booty Warrior, especially after 20 some years of fear of being prison raped.
** Huey stating exactly what the prison-industrial complex is and how it is wrong.
--> '''Astounded Convict:''' ...Did you just say what I was about to say, only smarter?!
** The Booty Warrior in the opening with Chris Hanson, just for the way he was completely calm and collected.

!! The Fried Chicken Flu
* The tear gas scene.
* Thugnificent saving the Freeman and Dubois families from Betty's militia. Quite remarkable since earlier in the episode, he was kicked out of Robert's house for making out with Tina, Robert's "friend".

!! The Color Ruckus
* Uncle Ruckus gets one for his speech calling out his father during the funeral of his horrible grandmother, combined with a CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming for finding out that he loves and is proud of the rest of his just-as-black-as-him family.
--> '''Ruckus''': No no, thats okay. Keep talking dad, keep talking. Thats the eulogy this woman deserved. She did this to you, and now you're doing it to me. You've been doing this all our lives, and it's getting old, it's getting old... it's getting ''real old'', '''old man!''' So get it all out of your system then sit down ''AND SHUT THE FUCK UP!!''

!! It's Goin' Down
* Ruckus suplexing the annoying security guard.
* Huey hijacking the bus.
* When Jack gives Ed Sr. three seconds he calmly says "That's more than enough time". Then the phone rings and [[spoiler: it's the fucking president, who gets Jack to stop]]. Wow.

[[folder:Season 4]]
!! Pretty Boy Flizzy
* Tom [[ButtMonkey of all people]] gets a bunch of awesome moments in this episode, even though this episode was a shameless rehash of "Tom, Sarah and Usher".
** Calling out Granddad twice, the first time for refusing to house him when his wife throws him out yet again by shouting "YOU'RE A SELFISH BASTARD ROBERT FREEMAN!" at him as he drives past, and the second time chewing him out for expecting an invite to the Flizzy dinner after refusing to feed Tom.
** Walking out on a drunken Sarah after she makes a spectacle of herself at dinner and refuses to go upstairs and lie down. Even Granddad is impressed.
--> '''Sarah''': What are you gonna do, Tom? Hit me?
--> '''Tom''': No, I'm gonna leave you!
** Beating the hell out of Flizzy after Flizzy insults him and threatens to steal Sarah and Jazmine from him. [[spoiler:Even if Flizzy was egging him on on purpose to make Tom look good in front of Sarah.]]
** The ending is more triumphant this time; instead of getting a beating from an R&B singer, [[spoiler:Tom reconciles with his wife and has victory sex]].

!! Freedom Ride or Die
* Young Robert whooping some serious ass.
--> '''Robert''': [[BigDamnHeroes Not so fast you cracker!]]
** Sturdy earning his name by simply walking though the mob and casually disarming any of his attackers without hurting them.
** Robert calling Sturdy out on wanting to make a Martyr of himself, not caring about the other rider's safety.

!! Freedomland
* This can easily be seen as the crowning ''episode'' of awesome.
* Huey kicking Ed Wuncler Jr. to begin the slave rebellion.
* Hell the entire rebellion was awesome, Granddad freeing Huey, Huey's fight with the security guards, Riley blowing up the park, etc.
* The last exchange might WinBackTheCrowd for those finding themselves disappointed with the season thus far.
-->'''Ruckus:''' "What could be better than Freedomland?"
-->'''Huey:''' "Freedom."
* Additionally, there's the bit at the beginning where Uncle Ruckus shows that he'll resort to handcuffing Granddad to make him see Wuncler Jr. Cut to Granddad throwing Ruckus' handcuffed ass out of the house.
* Huey's DefiantToTheEnd towards Wuncler Jr. throughout the episode.

!! Stinkmeaner: Begun The Clone War Has
* Granddad thoroughly kicking Stinkmeaner's ass in the ring.
* The most Awesome part of this episode wasn't the fight but what came after it. Granddad finally finds the strength to spare Stinkmeaner's life and end his nigga moment once and for all.