Awesome / Sweet Genius

  • During the Magic Genius episode in the second season, Ron was so enamored of the winning contestant's 'illusion cake' that he asked him for the recipe.
  • Any time a chef manages to successfully use an ingredient that is totally unlike anything they've ever worked with before. Such as the Japanese chef who had to use nopales for a Chocolate round, and spent the first minute dazedly muttering "Oh my god... what IS this?!" before winning the episode with it.
  • Chef Ron is a highly renowned pastry chef, so pretty much any contestant who can blow him away with something he's never had before earns a CMOA. Such is the case for season 3 contestant, Ayanna Sims, who managed to find herself safe in the candy round despite several setbacks, such as not plating a mandatory ingredient, when she served Chef Ron an adult candy made from sparkling wine and a giant lollipop (the other mandatory ingredient). Ron was astonished and declared that he wanted to have that candy every day for the rest of his life.