Funny / Sweet Genius

  • In the episode "Disco Genius", Chef Tod's pathetic attempt at freezing a pie for a few minutes to make it a "frozen dessert". To make matters worse, the inspiration was a bonsai tree, and Chef Tod cut off branches of it to put on his pie. Ron calls the dessert a disaster, and Chef Tod (who makes some epic faces in the segment) says "Some people might think I'm crazy for cutting down a $100 tree, but if that tree helps me sell 100 pies because it looks good, I'll sleep at night."
  • In the episode with the ventriloquist dummy, Ron holds the dummy at one point and asks "Where is my inspiration?" Then he moves the dummy's lips and says in a much higher voice, "And where is my inspiration?"
  • Rock Star Ron.
  • In a season 2 episode, Chef Ron announces, "And here is your inspiration for the final, cake round. (flash to the contestants, back to the conveyor belt, with Chef Ron standing proudly on it) Me! I am your inspiration!"