* Pre-Crisis Kara's DyingMomentOfAwesome, which singlehandedly set the Antimonitor's plans back an immeasurable amount, saved Superman's life, and ultimately, all of creation.


* The Carnivore, the First Vampire of the DC Universe ([[ContinuityDrift at least in Peter David's run]]) and a [[DimensionLord Demon Lord who ruled his own dimension]] has managed to take over the universe by [[RefugeInAudacity blackmailing God/The Presence]] with the souls of the Earth Angels. This proves to be a XanatosGambit on the part of Gods as the Linda Danvers Supergirl manages to turn the resulting CrapsackWorld on the Carnivore and defeat the omnipotent being with the power of love.
* Linda Danvers manages to take over the position of the Pre-Crisis Supergirl despite having only a fraction of her powers for decades, protecting the universe in hopes of sacrificing herself for the fifteen-year-old girl she'd known only a couple of weeks. The fact her noble nature wins over the Pre-Crisis Superman into loving her makes her ''Many Happy Returns'' arc a truly impressive one. Too bad it ends on a BittersweetEnding verging on DownerEnding.
* The Linda Danvers defeat of Xenon, a being who has killed hundreds of Supergirl's across countless timelines, is a definite one.
* During the finale of ''New Krypton'', Ursa has been visiting one capital after another and butchering world leaders. Arriving at the White House she kills Codename: Liberty and heads inside, only to be intercepted by Kara, who engages her in battle inside the Oval Office, and with an assist from Superboy and Krypto, brings her rampage to a halt.
** Not Kara's only CMOA during that arc, either. Towards the end of it, Kara leads the charge into General Lane's headquarters, defeats Superwoman/Lucy in a couple of punches, and then takes down Lane himself.
*** Her first defeat of Superwoman, in her own book, is even better. After a long, gruelling fight, Kara pins Lucy, and tears off her S-Shield, declaring she has no right to wear it.
** Calling out her mother on all of her bullshit and actually trying to save Reactron, even though god knows, he doesn't deserve it.
** Earlier in the arc, during ''Last Stand of New Krypton'', refusing to let Brainiac 5 sacrifice himself for her sake, and carrying him along under one arm, while she smashes through the original Brainiac's defenses with her free hand.
* Talking Bizarrogirl into [[GrewASpine growing a spine]] and saving Bizarroworld.
* Kara going into UnstoppableRage and laying a massive beatdown on Doomsday during ''Reign of Doomsday''.
-->''Kara:'' "I've been hoping for this...dreaming of the day when I'd get another crack at you. Not me and two dozen Kryptonians. Not me and my cousin. Just me. Supergirl! And Rao, it feels so good!"
* When ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} stands up to and defeats her absurdly powerful, abusive boyfriend, Powerboy.
--> (''after Supergirl is brutally beaten up by Powerboy, including having her face '''dragged down the side of a skyscraper''', she wakes up in a bed next to a StalkerShrine devoted to her, bound in powerful, alien-tech restraints'')
--> '''Powerboy''': "Look, I'm just going to lay it all out because honesty is important in a strong relationship... I was born on Apokolips. Taken from the Armagetto Slums to serve [[{{ComicBook/Darkseid}} You-Know-Who]]... [[TrainingFromHell He made me strong]], trained me in the ways of the Earth so I could [[TheMole come here as a "hero" and]]... Well, it doesn't really matter anymore, because it changed the the day you came to Apokolips. [[LoveAtFirstSight The most beautiful thing I had ever seen]]. Ever ''felt''. From that moment, I knew I had found my "Missing Half". I knew we would be together. And then you left... I couldn't eat. Sleep. Think. I knew that my true destiny wasn't with Darkseid and his stupid plans... So I followed you across the universe. I watched you try so hard to fit in, to find your way. All I wanted to do was hold you. Tell you how beautiful you were. But I knew you weren't ready to hear it... Sometimes we have to fall all the way down before someone can lift us up. You could be something so special, Kara... But you're lost. You're lost and you're too weak to find your way alone. Whenever you try... the monster in you comes out. Is this what you what to be?" (''cups her face'') "You need someone to take care of you, Kara. Someone who ''loves'' you to build to up... To make you into something you can be proud of. I love you, Kara. We can be perfect together, if you'll just let me fix you."\\
'''Supergirl''': (''[[ShutUpHannibal destroys her restraints and burns his hand with heat vision]]'') "We need to break up."\\
'''Powerboy''': "Aaaaaigh! What did you do?!"\\
'''Supergirl''': "You hit me. You said you loved me... And you '''hit me'''." (''punches him through a wall to the outside'')\\
'''Powerboy''': "Y-You made me hit you! Because you don't listen, like now! Kara! I'm warning you! Stop it or I'll do it again! I'll hurt you again! [[StayInTheKitchen You can be happy if you just do what I tell you!]] I--" (''Supergirl rips his house from its foundation and rises into the sky'') "Kara, I love you. Don't you want someone take care of you!?"\\
'''Supergirl''': "No one who says he loves you should hit you, '''ever'''." (''drops his house on him'')\\
'''Powerboy''': (''FlashStep into outer space, pulls out his Father Box'') "Ouch. Heh... Heh... Got some fight to her... Gonna have to work on that... Next time... And there ''will'' be a next time. Try to drop a house on me now. Father Box... Honey..."\\
'''Supergirl''': (''FlashStep up to him, [[GroinAttack knees him in the groin]]'') "I out-flew Superman, "Honey". We're not done." (''grabs him by the scruff of his neck'') "I don't know if you can hear me, so read my lips... Don't call me. Don't talk to me. Don't look at me... Or I'll break every bone in your body."

!! New 52
* Kara and Power Girl teaming up in issues 19 and 20. Armies of soldiers clad in powered armor, genetic experiments and mad [=AIs=] against two Kryptonian girls? Easy as pie.
* In issue 23, Cyborg Superman sends robot replicas of [[ContinuityCavalcade everyone]] from Supergirl's memories to stop her from escaping. It is a sight to see her tear through the horde of robot knockoffs. She rips fake Superman in half, crushes fake Wonder Woman with asteroids, incinerates fake Siobhan with heat vision, and wrecks many more ripoffs before she's overwhelmed and captured by Cyborg Superman. She probably would've destroyed them all if it wasn't for her [[WorkingThroughTheCold kryptonite poisoning acting up again]].
* In issue 24, when her mind was trapped in the I'noxia collective, her thirst for revenge against Cyborg Superman allowed her to will herself free and forms a humongous, incredibly powerful version of herself out of the collective's nanobots to get through Brainiac's forces and exact her revenge.
-->'''Supergirl:''' [[BadassBoast Cyborg Superman, show yourself! You stole my flesh, but in so doing made me anew! Do you see?! Fists with the mass of moons, legs with the heat of suns! I have the power of creation at my fingertips and I will not stop until I have forged a world of misery]]!
* Supergirl pummelling Lobo in issue 28.
* And then in Supergirl 35 she [[spoiler:gave up her Red Lantern ring, died, was reborn thanks to sun radiation and beat up the living Kryptonian armor.]]