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Awesome: Stephen Plays
  • Lil' Brekflek proves his worth in Skyrim #158 by killing Grelod the Kind.
  • Stephen helps Chuggaaconroy demonstrate the Versus mode of Pikmin 2 on his channel. Stephen has only played the first Pikmin game, and that was a long time ago. He's rusty and Chugga is clearly the superior player. Despite this, Stephen manages to win a battle through an aggressive strategy.
  • In Donkey Kong Country, Stephen teases Mal by having her play Mine Cart Carnage, only for her to pull off a perfect run on her first try.
    Stephen (impressed): Boys and girls, that is why you marry a gamer.
  • Mal finds her way across a dangerous floor in Gears of War on her first try, despite not having played the game in years.
  • In episode 16 of the Mario Kart versus, Stephen notes that he is good at all the tracks in this cup, and in practice he beat Mal on each one. When they actually come to record, Mal proceeds to get a perfect score of 60, which requires you to take first place in every race.
  • In The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess episode 59, after Mal warns Stephen how difficult the race against Yeta is, he does it on his first try.
  • The Mario Kart LP goes down to a tiebreaker after over 20 episodes ending in a tie, and in the end Mal wins.

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