* The death/defeat of any boss. The Forever Train is a particular favorite for some, when done correctly.
* Fox establishes how badass he and his wingmen are when he defeats the Aircraft Carrier:
--> '''Aircraft Carrier pilot:''' "WHO ''ARE'' YOU GUYS?!" \\
'''Fox:''' "[[BadassBoast We're Star Fox!]]"
* The team's journey through Area 6 can be considered one. Here you are, outside Andross's front door, and his army's throwing just about ''everything'' they have at you. But you just keep plowing through them. By the boss fight at the end, the enemies are at wit's end trying to find anything that can stop you, and their last resort is a WaveMotionGun designed to destroy ''planets''.
** The best part is when Rob actually gets the Great Fox to shoot some targets for you, finally getting in on the action.
** Andross reaching Fox through his comm. On one hand, [[IShallTauntYou he's trying to break Fox's morale]] and it can be a bit of a [[NightmareFuel scare]] for the player, but on the other hand, it shows that Star Fox has gone from "cannon fodder that I can personally ignore" to "actual threat that's tearing up my finest military forces and needs to be addressed ''now''" in the eyes of the big space gorilla.
* The Star Wolf battles. They are quite a formidable hybrid between WolfpackBoss and MirrorBoss, especially during the Venom battle where they are significantly better than the Arwings.
** To add, upon shooting Leon in the Venom battle, his last words "he's too strong!" deliver such a chillingly satisfying feeling to the player.
** Shooting down a member of Star Wolf on "backdoor" Venom fast enough will net you ''fifty-one points''. Defeat all four of them before the time bonus starts to decrease and you'll exceed the medal score of 200 points -- a very difficult target if you go into Venom via Bolse -- before you even enter the tunnel to Andross!
* Redirecting the train on Macbeth so that it blows up the factory.
''(After the "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED" screen...)'' \\
'''Fox:''' "All aircraft report!" \\
'''Slippy:''' "I can see the look on their stupid faces!" \\
'''Peppy:''' "I'm sure we hurt 'em this time!" \\
'''Falco:''' "Now it's ''our'' turn to kick some tail!"
* The best Katina ending, where the entire surviving Cornerian flight group forms up with the Star Fox team.
* General Pepper's BigWhat if you rack up enough points to build up a sufficiently ShockinglyExpensiveBill.