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Awesome: Space Battleship Yamato
  • "Nuts! Now reply them with this."
  • The first firing of the Wave Motion Gun. All these years later, and it's still majorly awesome.
  • In 2199 episode 4, the Gunship Rescue by the Cosmo Nova.
  • In the third series Dessler has one when he's told the ship that was giving trouble to his forces and had just been captured was the Yamato: without even raising his voice, his Death Glare and the 'disappointment' at some of his best subordinates forgetting the direct and explicit order to stay away from Earth and its ships nearly caused a mass heart attack.
  • The Yamato against the Desslar Mines (Desslar didn't name them): the Yamato was surrounded and couldn't escape, and the mines slowly moved toward her due the control signal. How did they survive that? Analyzer, while simulating the effects of drunkness, found the control mine and deactivated it, stopping the approach of the other mines, and then the crew broke out the jetpacks and manually removed the mines. Desslar himself aknownledged this moment of awesomeness, and sent Okita a message congratulating for this victory.
  • From the second season, the battle of wits between Kodai, who stole the Yamato to investigate what would be discovered being the Comet Empire, and Ryu Hijikata (Draco Gideon in Star Blazers), commanding the super battleship Andromeda and with orders to stop the Yamato. Between Hijikata neutralizing all the attempts of evading him (particularly awesome and funny the Asteroid Thicket: the Yamato could fly at full speed through the asteroid belt thanks to Shima's skills, the Andromeda's computer couldn't fly the ship through the belt... So Gideon had his ship fly around the belt and wait for the Yamato on the other side), and Kodai's sheer confidence and courage, it was a true example of Cool Versus Awesome.
  • Deslar revealing he was still alive to the Yamato crew. Why? Because it caused the crew a mass Oh Crap moment and made them realize they could fail, while until that moment they were pretty confident they could win against the Comet Empire (especially after Sanada's latest trick), that was technologically superior to Gamilas.
  • In episode 18 of 2199, the Yamato bum rushing a Gamilas fleet of over ten thousand ships and managing to complete its objective while hardly taking a single scratch while sinking multiple Gamilas ships (and a planet!).
  • The Battle of the Rainbow Cluster.
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