Awesome / Snakes on a Plane

  • All together now:
    "Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherfuckin' snakes on this motherfuckin' plane!"
    • Probably because the title itself is a Moment of Awesome for movie titles.
    • Plus, Samuel L. Jackson signed up for the film based solely on the title, which was meant to just be a placeholder until they could think of something less ridiculous. He then insisted it be kept.
  • The effeminate male steward when he stuffs a coral snake into the microwave, turns it on, and laughs while the snake cooks and then explodes.
    • "YEAH! HAHAHA! Who's your daddy NOW, bitch?!"
    • Even better, the microwave has a "Snake" setting.
  • The foul-tempered businessman finally becoming a huge python's lunch.
    • And then being seen blown out of the side of the plane, half-swallowed, along with the rest of the snakes.
  • Dr. Price, the snake expert found by the FBI. He doesn't go Spock Speak, he doesn't lord his knowledge over them, he doesn't marvel at the snake's odd behavior, and he is very fast and rational because he knows people's lives are in danger here. As noted on the main page, this is what movie scientists should be.
    • Also when they find the guy who gave Eddie Kim the snakes and the man is bitten by one that escapes in a scuffle, Price cheerfully tells him the species and it's lethality and withholds the anti-venom until the man agrees to cooperate with the FBI. He's how they got the evidence against Kim.
    • Speaking of that scene: What Harris says after he gives the guy the anti-venom:
    Harris: Bring in Eddie Kim. Charge him with multiple counts of murder and attempted murder, and get that piece-of-shit attorney on the phone. Yeah, tell him to ask Kim what his preference is: Gas, or lethal injection.
  • Tony, the martial artist passenger, he kills crazed poisonous snakes with his bare hands.