!!The Marvel Comics character:
* His very first encounter with Mephisto had the demon implanting the Surfer into his mind to try and corrupt him. Instead, the Surfer's pure soul was so powerful that Mephisto couldn't bear the pain and ejected him.
* During one episode of the 90's animated series, the Surfer discovers the Universal Library, a place containing all the knowledge in the universe. The stinger is that all those who come to the Library for selfish reasons [[BodyHorror mutate into horrific amoeba called "Virals"]], amoeba like creatures with a HiveMind. The Surfer is not immune to this, having come to the library to find Zenn-La, and he changes as well. The other Virals offer him limitless knowledge if he will unite with them by giving up the Power Cosmic. Realising that this would keep him from ever going home, the Surfer refuses, reverts the transformation through HeroicWillpower, and proceeds to go to town on the entire Viral horde:
-->'''Silver Surfer''': "Virals! Hear me! I belong to ''no one.'' Not Galactus! Not you! ''I am a free man!"''
* In ''CableAndDeadpool'', ComicBook/{{Cable}} has turned himself into a target to unite humanity and mutant-kind. He's been acting like a dick for a few issues, and Nick Fury and [[ComicBook/FantasticFour Reed Richards]] decide to send in the Surfer. Cable puts up a good fight and even breaks the Surfer's board... until the Surfer puts Cable in his place by ''ripping his TO arm out'', re-exposing him to the virus.
* During a graphic novel, the entirety of Earth's superhero population has been defeated by a race led by a being who literally draws strength from all his captured slaves. To put this in perspective, this guy takes down both the Incredible Hulk and the Sub-Mariner at the same time. The only hero left is the Silver Surfer, who finds out that this guy also has the Surfer's love Shalla-Bal as part of his harem. The entire graphic novel then becomes a chain of awesome moments as the Surfer reminds everyone that he wields the Power Cosmic, making him akin to a god. And remember kids, do not make fun of the naked silver man for being naked when he has this kind of strength.
* In the alternate universe story ''Silver Surfer: Requiem'', the Surfer allows Mary Jane Watson-Parker to use the Power Cosmic (which amounted to flying in space on his board for a few hours) for her birthday as a favor to Spider-Man. When she returns, deeply moved by the experience, Spider-Man asks Norrin to use the Power Cosmic and let the entire world feel the freedom that the Surfer feels (and Mary Jane felt). Norrin complies with the request and unleashes a wave of energy so powerful, the entire world stops in its tracks for five minutes, completely at peace.
* AwesomeMusic: Any of the songs based on the Surfer by Music/JoeSatriani.
* During the ''ComicBook/SecretWars2015'' event, the Surfer and his companion, Dawn Greenwood, manage to bypass the end of existence. With a little prompting and guidance from some others who exist outside of reality, Surfer starts ''recreating the universe''. [[spoiler:And he seems to be doing a very good job of it too, until he's talked into omitting [[PlanetEater Galactus]] from creation.]]
* Surfer plays a game of poker in a cosmic casino against the Grandmaster. When Grandmaster ups the stakes to an extreme level, Surfer accepts. Grandmaster forces him to bet his powers, his knowledge of every place he's ever been in the universe, and his friend Dawn. In exchange, he forces the Grandmaster, who has the superior hand at this point, to wager his ability to play games. If he loses, the Grandmaster can never play anything even remotely resembling a game again, for the rest of eternity. Grandmaster folds.

!!The NES game:
* AwesomeMusic: The game has a surprisingly good, well loved soundtrack, which is arguably one of the best things about the game.