* The game's opening is one for both Shantae and Risky. Shantae singlehandedly fends off a pirate attack and saves the burning Scuttle Town, but Risky gets away with her real objective, Mimic's Steam Engine.
* After Shantae beats the fourth dungeon, Risky sheds her genie disguise, ties her up, and absconds with the Stones needed to power her steam engine.
* Shantae storms Risky's volcano hideout alone and not only manages to take out a huge chunk of her Tinkerbat forces, but also stops the Tinkertank from rolling into Scuttle Town before it even starts, followed by a fierce fight with Risky. And after she does all of that, she also escapes the volcano hideout as it erupts! Not bad for a half-genie 'scrawny kid'!

[[folder:Shantae: Risky's Revenge]]
* The ending is a big one for Risky Boots. She manages to force Shantae to surrender the magic seals and stalls her with a fight against her repaired ship until her plan really hits its stride. She uses the Magical Lamp to steal Shantae's genie half and to make it fight Shantae. Even when the genie half is destroyed by fight's end, Risky escapes unharmed and leaves Shantae as a nearly powerless human...

[[folder:Shantae and The Pirate's Curse]]
* The Pirate Master offers you a devil's choice, either to give up the magic that you spent so long to collect, whereupon he will use it to destroy you, or give up Risky Boots. Seems like being caught between a rock and a hard place... Until you remember WHOSE magic you were collecting.
* When she does choose to "give up" the magic, Her normal powers are restored, and her attacks are so powerful, they do 999 damage per hit in the final part of the fight! Note that Shantae, with nothing but the magic of a half-genie, manages to do what the entirety of the genie species ''couldn't''.
** And Risky Boots gets in on the action by ''firing a gigantic cannon at him''.
** Regarding Risky, she couldn't even take a single Cacklebat on her own at the start of the game. The endgame areas between Ammo Town and Sequin Palace were presumably still full of the tougher monsters seen after the Pirate Master set up shop, ''and'' she likely wasn't feeling her best due to whatever she experienced during her captivity. All that, and she ''still'' made it back to town in time to help demolish her former boss.
** Also regarding Risky - it's likely that the targeting module is still damaged, thanks to Bolo botching the job on Frostbite Island. Risky either fixed it herself ... or is calculating for the offset in real time, completely ''eyeballing'' those shots!
*** Both of which are [[FridgeBrilliance actually fairly plausible]], considering Risky's no stranger to cannons.
** Give the Pirate Master credit too; IT TAKES A LOT TO PUT HIM DOWN. At a FRACTION of his full power. '''Yikes'''.

[[folder:Shantae: Half-Genie Hero]]
* Every BossBattle has Shantae herself telling you to AttackItsWeakPoint ''VideoGame/{{Gradius}}'' style as the BossSubtitles appear and the [[SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic epic]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8xDNRrwaZk boss theme]] starts playing. Enough to rile up the player.
* The fights against the Barons of Sequin Land are nothing short of awesome. After three games you finally face nearly every single one of them in direct combat:
** Ammo Baron is fought after trying to heist magic carpets. The catch? Unlike ''Pirate's Curse'' he doesn't hop into some sort of war machinery as one would expect, but rather uses a magic powered uniform to fly and command his army to fight Shantae ''directly''.
** Squid Baron makes his returns as the creature summoned by Hypno Baron.
** Hypno Baron is finally fought directly here and he uses his magic to devastating effect especially when tag teaming with Squid Baron against Shantae.
* Though you don't fight Techno Baron directly this time, the battle against his titanic captive Giga Mermaid makes up for it, especially in the second round where she's trying to crush you with her own body, smash you with her tail, and zap you with magical lasers.
* The first part of the FinalBoss battle has [[DuelBoss a mano-a-mano showdown]] between Shantae and Risky Boots, in which Risky pulls out all the tricks from Pirate's Curse!
* After completing the Dynamo, Shantae becomes DrunkOnTheDarkSide when Risky's plan to [[BatmanGambit trick her into getting]] [[KansasCityShuffle the wrong plans]] plays out. Just when it looks like [[SuperPoweredEvilSide Nega-Shantae]] is going to cover Scuttle Town in dark magic, all of Shantae's friends use ThePowerOfFriendship to pull her back from the depths of darkness.
** Didn't like how it was defeated in an OffscreenMomentOfAwesome? In the ''Friends To The End'' campaign, Guess what? You're '''''playing''''' that moment!
* It stands to reason that in ''Pirate Queen's Quest'', you'd fight Shantae as the final boss - and you do. But she pulls tricks with her transformations that the player would never be allowed to use, and it is ''amazing.''