Awesome / Scott Steiner

  • When asked by WWE management to take a steroid test in 2002, he told them he would do it if Triple H took it with him. They never called him back on it.
  • Telling Hulk Hogan off on live Nitro, in true Steiner fashion.
  • Also on Nitro, he completely annihilates Ric Flair in a promo.
  • One of his signature moves. The Steiner Screwdriver. Go on. It doesn't look terrifying at all.
  • Another of his signature moves is the Frankensteiner, just picture it, a man of 270 pounds doing a Frankensteiner from the top rope.
    • Also early in his career where he was more athletic and versatile he would throw his opponents to the ropes and when they rebound, which here means run back to him, he would jump up, put his legs in position of the opponent's head and then Frankensteiner with the guy usually landing on his head.