Awesome: School Rumble

  • Karen beating Lala at the Kibasen with a Frankensteiner.
  • Anytime Yakumo beats Eri at something.
  • Tenma's superb skiing impressing her friends.
  • Harima beating the English exchange students in Kyoto.
  • Hanai beating Harima in a duel during the survival games.
  • Harima races downhill at high speed, in the snow, on a giant curry bowl
    • While dodging heat-seeking fish. In a Santa costume.
  • Nakamura's performance in the survival game.
  • Harima jumping out of a plane to save Tenma.
  • Harima and Eri team up at the Kibasen event.
  • Basically any duel between Harima and Hanai is awesome in SOME way.
  • The Final fight Harima Vs Karasuma.
  • Yakumo standing up to the Editor-in-Chief on Harima's behalf.
    Yakumo: Do you enjoy terrifying new artists, or is it part of your job.
    • And he's thoroughly i,impressed with her for doing it, even as his employees all have Oh, Crap faces.

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