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Awesome: Scarred Lands
  • A whole race gets one. One of the elven subraces banded together with their demigod to await the arrival of Chern, the Titan of disease and pestilence. When he got there, he had already taken control of the demigod's herald, who assassinated them before turning on the elves. Normally, a Titan is immune to mortal weapons, and it takes a lot of magic to do them any harm. But when the demigod died, his essence was absorbed by several weapons, which made them capable of hurting Chern. Instead of retreating, the elves gathered the weapons, rallied their forces, and kicked his ass. Okay, thousands of them died in the process and he cursed them so that they could no longer bear healthy offspring with each other, but a mortal race was still able to overcome a Titan, a personified force of nature and one of the most powerful beings in the universe all on their own.
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