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This is a "Wild Mass Guess" entry, where we pull out all the sanity stops on theorizing. The regular entry on this topic is elsewhere. Please see this programme note.
Scarred Lands
Idra was horrified with how the Gods treated the Titaness Gulaben, and is working to free her.
It should be noted that Gulaben "is evil, but we'll have to take the Gods' word for it". The official truth is that AFTER the titanswar, when all the hostile Titans had been defeated, people rallied to Gulaben's defense. She was so beloved by the people that even the most faithful servants of the Gods would risk the wrath of their deities to defend her from them. The Gods then mindraped the entire world, making everyone forget that Gulaben had even existed. Of course, the Gods didn't commit this atrocity to secure their powerbase and such, oh no, they were merely saving the mortals from a cruel case of Getting Smilies Painted on Your Soul. This troper says "Yeah, right. As if!" to that particular propaganda, and decides that Gulaben was relatively innocent - her true "crime" was simply that certain Gods were jealous and fearful regarding her popularity with the mortals. Idra never accepted this atrocity. And neither Did Gulaben's Son/Dauthter Enkili, the main deity of Chaotic Neutral. As a part of their plan, Idra have had to temporatily convert to this alignment, but she plan to repent and return to Chaotic Good once she's finished with a lot of I Did What I Had to Do.
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