Awesome / SCAW Superstars Of CAW

  • Spider-Man's initial heel turn. Considered a crowning moment for CAW in general.
    • In 2008, it was announced that Spider-Man was taking a leave of absence from SCAW. Meanwhile, a group known as The No DQ World Order was terrorizing SCAW. The group included Mr. Clean, Jack Sparrow and Michael Myers. At E-Extravaganza 2008, Captain America won the first ever Money in the Bank ladder match, earning him an SCAW Championship opportunity any time he wished. However, Captain America had been having issues with the nWo, and Mr. Clean challenged him for the MITB briefcase. Captain America accepted, but was screwed by a Captain America impostor. However, Mr. Clean promised Abraham Lincoln, the SCAW President, that he wouldn't cash in the briefcase until after Spring Showdown. The Captain America impostor hung around a while longer, playing various mindgames against Guile, Captain America's friend and the current SCAW Champion. At Spring Showdown 2008, in the middle of an SCAW Championship match between Guile and Captain America, suddenly the impostor Captain America showed up and pinned Guile. He announced that although Mr. Clean had said he wouldn't cash his briefcase in that night, he didn't say he wouldn't give it to someone else. In short, the impostor's participation in the match was perfectly legal, as he was cashing in his MITB contract, allowing him to be a part of the match. He then revealed that he was not only now the SCAW Champion, he was also the leader of the nWo. He unmasked and revealed his true identity as Spider-Man, now sporting a black costume. The nWo assaulted Guile and Captain America as Spider-Man celebrated with the SCAW Championship.
  • The Gladiator returning after 8 months to win the 2011 Match of Destiny.
  • Homer Simpson beating Spider-Man in the main event of Blood, Sweat and Tears II, winning the SCAW Championship.
  • Robin finally winning the SCAW Championship at Dark December 2010.
  • The White Ranger winning the Zero-One title in Ascendance 2009 at his first cpv appearance in his first title match inside the Elimination Chamber!
  • The Joker cashing in Money in the Bank to win the SCAW title.
  • SCAW is coming up on its tenth anniversary. That's an achievement for any show in any medium, and even with the occasional Schedule Slip it's still going strong.