Awesome page for the light novel ‘’LightNovel/{{Reaper}}’’

* Valdis has an awesome moment when she find the magicians hurting her friend. She goes into TranquilFury mode and takes down a whole group of magicians by herself.
* Pax has one early on. Without any powers he manages to save Sofi but by dodging lightning and carrying her to safety using Bronte's own attack as cover.
* Talbot honestly gets one, he manages to do something rather impressive. [[spoiler: He spent years setting everything up to capture Death and steal her power. And he did it. That's something out of legend.]] He end up paying for it like many legends but its still impressive.
* Valdis and Pax are both weak and tired fighting Maeva. She has a new power they can't really overpower. Valdis figures out a flaw in her power mid fight and exposes.
* Sofi doesn't have any flashy power and she still stands up to Talbot whose got enough power to be a living god. She doesn't hesitate to tell him that his plan is wrong. She is well aware that he is willing to kill her but it doesn't stop her.