Awesome: Pirate Latitudes

  • Hunter beating up Hacklett after he called Hunter a pirate.
    • Sir Almont also gets one in this situation, by taking the event completely calmly, showing he is not a typical Stiff Upper Lip.
  • Hunter and the crew escaping from Cazalla, and Cazallas violent outbursts on the Spanish soldiers.
  • The attack on Matanceros, leading Cazalla deep into his Villainous Breakdown. Also, Hunter killing Cazalla after af sword fight.
  • On the villaoinous side, Cazallas complete and utter defeat and humuliation of Hunters crew before his escape.
  • The defeat of Bosquets, at the hands of Don Diego. Defeating a fully armed Spanish warship, with a skeleton crew and few cannons.
  • Hunter defeating the kraken. We do not get to know if it survived, but if it did, then it was not pleasent for it.
  • Hackletts downfall, and Hunters escape. His Roaring Rampage of Revenge is simply awesome. A Lmonts escape, as well.
  • Hackletts death: Emily decides she had enough of him, and shoots him in the groin with a pistol. Very karmic indeed.
  • Hunter killing Sanson with the help of Anne Sharpe. And feeding him to the sharks.
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