[[caption-width-right:342:''"It's a magic doorway. It leads to a petting zoo from another dimension. [[GoIntoTheLight Run and jump inside the light!]] [[TemptingFate Run right now!]]"'' [[note]] God, she looks so [[HypnotizeThePrincess hypnotized]] in this screenshot. [[/note]]]]

* One of the judges at the national spelling bee in "Gee, Your Hair Spells Terrific" is the ''Series/BarneyAndFriends'' parody Baloney. Since Elmyra can't spell for her life, she has to use Brain's help to spell properly. When they aren't able to cheat secretly enough, Baloney notices and goes into an OutOfCharacterMoment where he goes absolutely [[BerserkButton ballistic]]. Admit it, you'd love it if you saw this happenening to Barney.
* The first episode has a bit (pictured on the right) where the Brain uses a combination of a lamp and a mirror to create a light on the wall. He gets Elmyra's attention and tells her--almost [[CompellingVoice hypnotically]]--that it's a "magic doorway that leads to a petting zoo from another dimension", and urges her to GoIntoTheLight. She does...and slams hard onto the wall. This knocks her unconscious long enough for Pinky and the Brain to carry out their next world domination plan. You still got it, Brain. You still got it.
-->'''Pinky:''' Astounding, Brain!
-->'''Brain:''' I still have my little moments.
** Too bad this becoming a RunningGag more or less kills the joke and makes Elmyra look even more like an idiot than usual.
* Though a widely despised show, its antagonist is quite a sight to behold. Wally Faust is an agent (or leader? It's hard to tell...) of The Circle, this show's LegionOfDoom, and is pretty much an evil Creator/ChristopherWalken. The opening shows how [[{{Determinator}} persistent]] he is in pursuing the mice, checking every lab that they try to hide out in. Then, come his debut episode "The Man From Washington," after Rudy Mookich blows the mice's cover, he plots to [[ManipulativeBastard manipulate]] Brain into working for The Circle, then kill him ([[AndYourLittleDogToo and Pinky]]) when they are [[YouHaveOutlivedYourUsefulness done with him.]] The OminousLatinChanting that plays when he's around is pretty [[AwesomeMusic awesome]] too.