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Awesome: Pedestal
  • Chapter 150. Nam Nar declares he's going to stop Nick no matter what.
"But I'm finally going to fix that, one way or another. I'm taking you down off of that pedestal, Nick. And if I have to kill you to do that, to keep Sinnoh safe from you, I will."
Nam Nar to Nick, Chapter 150
  • Nathan managing to spot two bad guys dressed perfectly as policemen based on their guns. After only getting no more than a roughly three-second look at them.
  • Nam Nar's Big Damn Heroes moment in the Tournament arc, where he busts out of a flaming building, Pokemon at the ready, mowing down any opposition and saving the hundreds if not thousands of lives of the people and Pokemon trapped in the building.
  • Six words: "You will not harm my comrade!"
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