[[caption-width-right:350:[[{{StoryBreakerPower}} You really are way too strong.]]]]

With a series about a man who can beat anyone with just one punch, it's inevitable there'll be tons of awesome moments.

!Introduction Saga
[[folder: Saitama Introduction Arc]]
* While yes, Saitama can NOW kill monsters with a single punch, perhaps his greatest moment of badassery so far is in the second chapter, during the flashback of his fight with a crab monster. This is when he was just an ordinary guy with no powers. Said monster is initially wiping the floor with Saitama, until Saitama loops his necktie around one of the monster's eyes, and rips it out.
** 'Rips it out' is an understatement. He ends up pulling out ''all of Crablante's internal organs via his eye'', which is both absurd and hilariously disgusting. Notably, even as an unemployed schlub, Saitama defeats Crablante in a single attack, hinting at his eventual power.
* In the anime, Saitama's fight with the Subterraneans is definitely this. Despite it being [[spoiler: AllJustADream]], it is one of the most beautifully animated fight sequences ever created.
** In another sense, this fight gives us an idea of what Saitama feels when he's facing a true challenge and why he ''wants'' to feel it again. The intense emotion in [[Creator/MakotoFurukawa his]] [[Creator/MaxMittelman voice]] and his animation is perfectly portrayed and comes as a stark contrast to the previous 15 minutes of laziness. At the fight's climax, when he rises from the rubble out of breath and ready for another round, we get one of the most passionate lines in the entire season:
--->''"Who, me? I'm just a guy who's a hero for fun. I '''never''' lose. And the surface... ''(thumps his chest)'' ...'''IS GUARDED BY ME!'''"''

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%%[[folder: Paradise Group Arc]]


!Hero Association Saga
[[folder: National Superhero Registry Arc]]
* The "Sparring" two parter with Genos. Genos goes for a massive blast that Saitama appears to dodge, but Genos was expecting that and charges at him landing a rain of punches that tear apart the side of a mountain just as his previously fired blast hits. Only for him to discover that what he tackled wasn't Saitama but an [[SpeedEchoes after image]].
** How does the spar session end? [[spoiler: Adhering to the rules not to hold back, Saitama prepares to [[http://www.mangareader.net/onepunch-man/18/10 punch Genos]] but pulls back and hits him with a forehead flick at the end. The after effect of his attack still manages to destroy the mountain behind the two completely.]]
** Now in [[http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll163/zelkstone/Saitama%20DEATH%20Punch%20Sparring.png Anime]] [[http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll163/zelkstone/Punch%20Aftermath.png Form]].
** If you look closely in the anime, Saitama didn't just carve a hole through the cliff. If you look above, you'll notice the clouds are curved too. That's right, he carved a hole through a cliff and the upper atmosphere!
* Genos actually looks fairly badass during the match, such that even Saitama seems to think he looks pretty cool while they're fighting - sure, Saitama would destroy him easily, but for a man whose technique involves super-powered normal punches, it's easy to see why Saitama likes Genos' flashier yet incredibly destructive style.

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[[folder: Giant Meteor Arc]]
* The time when the [[ColonyDrop city sized meteor]] is about to drop on Z-city and two S-rank heroes (3 when you count Silver Fang) move to intercept it. Of course, mobilizing only three top tier soldiers to [[GodzillaThreshold combat an extinction level event]] proves to be about [[RealityEnsues as helpful as one would guess]]. Especially since the best they had on the way [[GoodIsNotNice only mobilized because he was interested in testing his own arsenal]], Bang admittedly couldn't deal with this issue either and Genos was also knowingly out of his weight class given the situation.
** Metal Knight's [[MacrossMissileMassacre weapons test]] pretty much farted and died against this colossal threat, with him outright [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere bailing on the mission]], when realizing there was no hope of stopping it.
** Despite knowing full well how far out of his depth he was, [[{{Determinator}} Genos]] gathered his courage after thinking of his beloved sensei and set out to [[HeroicResolve stop the meteor, literally pouring his heart & soul into his next attack]]. Though unleashing a [[KamehameHadoken rather spectacular]] [[WaveMotionGun burst of raw power]], he failed to turn the tide as the meteor didn't even slow its descent when struck by it, [[spoiler: Bang even hitting the nail on the head with his misconception of its pace [[FunnyAneurysmMoment bemusing, then angering Genos]].]]
* Saitama earns a singular dose of [[TookALevelInBadass awesomeness points]] after stepping up to bat when [[FuelMeterOfPower Genos runs on empty]]. If the [[RocketJump Sun Wu Kong moment]] of jutting a building deep into the ground just to reach the meteor overhead doesn't grab you, watching him [[OneHitKill one-shot the thing]] causing it to explode into fragments probably will. He gets ''another one'' when [[spoiler: after destroying the meteor, two [[ThoseTwoGuys Tank Top heroes]] try to ruin his reputation, then attempt to [[BullyingADragon fight him in public.]] The result [[CurbStompBattle is obvious]], but his speech to the [[JerkAss ungrateful masses]] that they rouse on why he's a hero in the first place - "Let me make one thing clear! I'm not working as a hero to make [[UngratefulBastard you morons]] admire me! I do it because I want to!!" - is just plain awesome.]]

[[folder: Sea Monster Arc]]
* The very beginning - a giant cthulhoid monstrosity strides on shore declaring the [[FantasticRacism superiority]] of all undersea creatures, while Saitama [[ContrivedCoincidence just happens]] to be randomly walking by. Said giant octopus-monster notices Saitama and loudly declares that he will be destroyed. [[ForegoneConclusion You all know]] [[BullyingADragon what]] [[CurbStompBattle happens next.]]
* The first hero to show up on the scene, Stinger, surely deserves some credit as well, for handily and cheerfully defeating the entire first wave of fish monsters. Even when he gets injured and fatigued, he's still not done yet and not only wins against the sea creatures but ''wipes the floor with them.'' None of them even gives him much trouble [[spoiler: until the [[KnightOfCerebus Deep Sea King]] shows up and easily takes ''[[TheWorfEffect Stinger]]'' down.]]
** And why did he get injured and fatigued? Because when he first intercepted the monsters there were civilians, and he ''[[WillfullyWeak held back for fear of harming them]]''. So the fight was prolonged, he got tired and injured while killing ''six out of ten monsters''... And the moment he was sure the civilians were out of the way, he finished off the first wave.
* [[ManlyGay Puri]]-[[MachoCamp Puri]] [[BadassGay Prisoner]] is no slouch either, showing up to rescue Sonic and Lightning Max and actually ''impresses'' the Sea King himself. In a bare-knuckle brawl. Against a LightningBruiser monster with a severe HealingFactor. While [[FullFrontalAssault naked.]]
* Licenseless Rider versus the Sea King, an unpowered C-class hero against an unstoppable monster, knowing he has no chance, [[spoiler:but doing it because there's no-one else. Though he doesn't win, he saves Genos' life and buys enough time for Saitama to arrive.]] He even wins Saitama's respect for putting up a good fight.
** This is, itself, a CallBack to one of Saitama's lines, one that Genos himself thought was so important that he had to write it down: [[HoldTheLine If The Heroes Run And Hide, Who Will Stand And Fight?]]
* Saitama's fight against the Sea King. [[OneHitKill While it does end like pretty much all of his fights thus far,]] it is such an epic and devastating punch that its scope is simply... breathtaking. Even the crowd that witnessed it was awestruck. This could easily be said to be the strongest punch he has given so far.
** What makes it truly impressive is not just the power, but the SPEED! It's so fast that we don't even see the moment of the impact, just the aftermath. The anime goes even further by showing high-speed camera footage... that couldn't even properly capture the punch.
*** The anime shows the full hit not only clearing up all the rain with a huge shockwave, but ''the rain doesn't return'', meaning Saitama blew away the clouds with just one punch!
** Don't forget about the aftermath where he praised the other heroes for being there by [[spoiler: lying to the civilians that the other heroes had weakened the Sea King so he could finish it off.]]
** A few days after the fight, Saitama and Genos are sent a bunch of fan letters. Almost all of Saitama's are hateful messages telling him he's a cheater and that he should quit. Saitama's response? "Man, they need a hobby."
** Rider treating Saitama to dinner after the fight resolves a couple of days later, revealing that it was him who sent the one "Thank You" letter among all of Saitama's hate filled fan letters. Even Saitama is impressed that he would go so far to be this decent and smiles happily.
* Speed O' Sound Sonic and Genos also deserve a mention:
** Sonic was the only one to fight the Sea King and leave ''without a scratch''. This is especially impressive because unlike the other heroes before him, he was forced to fight the Sea King in his OneWingedAngel form without his weapons.
** Genos punched him through a wall and fought him blow for blow [[HandicappedBadass even after the Sea King ripped his arm off]]...which only happened because Genos thought he had defeated him in one hit and got caught off guard. Hell, Genos only lost the fight at all because he chose to take the brunt of an attack directed at a child!

[[folder: Alien Conquerors Arc]]
* From the anime: Tatsumaki's fighting a giant Godzilla-esque lizard. The monster [[TemptingFate boasts that if she wants to kill him]] she'd need to [[ColonyDrop drop a large meteor on him.]] Tatsumaki does exactly that, and only a molten skeleton is left afterwards.
* [[LittleMissBadass Tatsumaki]] ''stopping'' a whole bunch of huge artillery shells thanks to her psychic powers, and ''sending them back to the Alien starship which fired them'' like it's nothing.
* The fight of several S-class heroes vs Melzalgald. This thing is a giant, it can kill with a single hit, and regenerates no matter how hard it is punched or how many times it is slashed. This is a list of the awesome moments scored by these heroes.
** They fight without taking a hit themselves. Only Silver Fang gets nailed and he walks it off with a joke about his age.
** Their determination to defeat the creature, to hold it in place, despite its healing factor is unyielding.
** They discover its weak point and relentlessly exploit it. Not so smug when you're vulnerable, huh, Melzalgald?
** In the end, the once seemingly invincible alien has become so-not-a-problem for these elite heroes that they argue about [[KillSteal who-stole-whose-kill]].
** This is also the first time we see heroes besides Saitama and Genos shown in a truly credible light. While nothing compared to Saitama's battle with Boros, this shows that there are indeed heroes capable of dealing with the majority of threats.
* Licenseless Rider once again shows up to save civilian survivors. [[NervesOfSteel Does nothing scare this hero]]?
* Saitama gets punted to the Moon. He ''jumps back''.
** Even better, Boros not only watches when Saitama returns to Earth, but ''stands'' there, speechless and wide-eyed for several seconds as he tries to process what he just saw.
** Of particular note is that Saitama jumps back to Earth and lands right where he needed to be, a feat of incredible accuracy in itself. Saitama's strength is often talked up, but the sheer precision he'd need to send a projectile the size of a human being across the distance between the moon and Earth, to land at that exact spot on a target that's literally the size of a planet, is mind boggling.
*** In the anime we even see Saitama pick up a moon rock and bounce it up and down a bit, ostensibly to gauge how strong the Moon's gravity is and how hard he needs to jump.
** Additionally, Saitama takes a few seconds to travel from the moon to Earth. The fastest crossing of that distance we've ever managed was a nearly nine hour journey, where the probe involved never slowed down or entered lunar orbit, and Saitama manages it (by jumping!) in a miniscule fraction of that time. Exactly how hard did he launch himself?!
*** Light takes one second to cross the distance. Saitama crossed it in almost ''half that time.'' That means that Saitama is pretty much ''[[LudicrousSpeed faster than light.]]''
*** Clearly, Saitama launched himself hard enough to ''shatter the surface of the moon!!'' He's been strong enough to turn giant monsters into hamburger since the beginning of the series, but that's taking it to a whole new level!
* The fact that Boros was [[spoiler: actually able to survive Saitama's "Normal Consecutive Punches" attack!]]
** ''How'' Boros [[spoiler: survived Saitama's "Normal Consecutive Punches". He was practically liquefied (save for a few pieces of flesh and organs) and from there, literally pulled himself back together for his final and strongest attack.]]
** One might simply leave it at that Boros was ''actually able to give Saitama something resembling a fight'' and that involves actually being able to land hits on Saitama (even though they did no damage) while Saitama was ''actually trying to dodge.'' To put that into perspective, up until now the only times Saitama has ever been hit by an attack was when he deliberately decided to take it, and when he actually puts a little effort into dodging no opponent up to this point (which includes heavy hitters like Genos and Sonic) has been capable of touching him. Even if he didn't satisfy Saitama's need for excitement, he impressed him enough that Saitama actually stuck around to speak with him in his last moments, whereas Saitama usually just forgets his opponent existed as soon as they're down. [[spoiler: Considering it now appears that Saitama possesses ''literally'' infinite power,]] to genuinely earn his respect in ''battle?'' Astounding.
*** Also keep in mind that Boros spent the first half of the fight with [[spoiler: only one arm after Saitama punched it off, an injury he completely ignored until he decided to grow it back instantly through sheer force of will!]]
* How Saitama defeated [[AlienInvasion Boros]]: [[spoiler: He punched back his [[LimitBreak Planet Buster Roar Cannon]] that can destroy Earth's surface and not only did he utterly [[OneHitKill annihilate]] Boros, he also ended up destroying his massive ship and clearing a large part of the clouds from the atmosphere by ''[[http://www.mangareader.net/onepunch-man/48/32 creating a massive gap in the sky that stretches through the circumference of the planet]]'', reminiscent to how [[TheBible Moses parted the Red Sea]], all through the sheer shockwave he released through that one punch.]]
** [[spoiler: Check out the bottom left corner of that image. See those two split 'contrails'? ''That'' was the shockwave from Boros' full-powered, earth-annihilating attack. It looks pathetic compared to Saitama's heaven splitter (which was delivered at a fraction of his full power).]]
** Not only that, but Boros' [[LastWords dying words]] [[spoiler: implied that Saitama ''was still holding back during their fight''. He ''split the sky'' with a punch, and that was ''still'' not his full power.]] [[StoryBreakerPower Way too strong indeed]]...
* Episode 12 forgoes the anime's opening in favor of [[ThemeSongPowerUp playing the theme over Saitama and Boros having an amazingly animated fight]], increasing the awesomeness of both.
** Made even better when you listen closely: they use the second verse of the theme song, never heard in the show before now! Why is this awesome? Well, check the lyrical contents: "With my godlike fist I will fight on, until I know the taste of defeat one day". The song's perspective now applies to ''both Saitama and Boros'', which is ''perfect'' when you remember they share the same internalized struggle.
** Speaking of the music, when the main theme starts playing at the end of the battle, [[spoiler: after Saitama returns from the Moon]], notice where the music swells. [[spoiler: It's when Boros goes all out. Saitama was never at risk, his victory was a ForegoneConclusion, but Boros was giving everything he had in that fight, the unstoppable force who finally met his immovable object. The main theme was playing for him at the end.]]
* It's a minor moment, but Silverfang is able to tell off [[PersonOfMassDestruction Terrible]] [[{{Jerkass}} Tornado]] with an ArmorPiercingQuestion ''without'' getting telekinetically slammed into some rubble like [[IronButtMonkey Genos]]. Too bad Tornado suffers an IgnoredEpiphany.
--> '''Silverfang:''' You're part of the Association... a ''hero'' right?
--> ''({{Beat}}, Tornado looks regretful for a moment)''
--> '''Tornado:''' Hmph! Whatever! ''(leaves)''
--> '''Silverfang:''' Why are there so many brats among the elite heroes?
* While it pales in comparison to the fight between Saitama and Boros, the ending scene of the anime's first season has one awesome BookEnds moment. When the Dragon-level threat Pluton tries to murder a child, Genos comes to the rescue and even uses a version of Saitama's catchphrase. Then Saitama comes shooting through the air towards Pluton and, once again, takes out the monster with one punch. Pluton's whole body, which is Kaiju-sized, can be seen exploding into blood and guts after the attack, while Saitama laments that he's back to killing monsters with just one punch.

[[folder: King Arc]]
* Genos defeating G4 by himself. Considering it was there to kill King, it's quite a feat, and it shows just how deserving Genos really is of his rank in Class S. He still [[RunningGag lost his arm]] and half of his face, [[IronButtMonkey which is to be expected]], but in this case it makes him look even more badass.

!Human Monster Saga
[[folder: Garou Introduction Arc]]
* At a meeting with nearly every single villain in the city, and three A class heroes, [[spoiler: Garou defeats every single one of them with extreme ease. He even breaks the arm of a A ranked hero twice his size and knocks him out with one punch. This guy is the monster version of Saitama, but with lots of hair!]]

[[folder: The Blizzard Group Arc]]
* In Murata's remake, which usually has additional events and scenes that aren't present in ONE's original, after Blizzard attacks Saitama when Genos fights Sonic and causes a huge explosion, Saitama shields Fubuki from the explosion. This is very clear by the fact that Sonic and Genos were BEHIND her when they caused the explosion, but in the next scene, Saitama was in front of Fubuki. Even more awesome? There was a blast shadow where everything behind Saitama not shielded by his body was FLATTENED. He may be lazy but Saitama is still a hero.
* Another great speech from Saitama, this time when he's confronted by Fubuki. [[spoiler: Fubuki attacks Saitama because she feels threatened by how fast he has gone up in the hero association's ranks. When she tries to force him into working under her his response is "You won't survive. You just don't get what being a hero is about. There are all kinds of powerful bad guys in the world. Heroes are the ones who oppose them, even if they are alone. If you just gather people who are weaker than you, you won't last. You'll end up crying when a monster appears that's stronger than you. Your subordinates won't be able to save you. Factions? Newbie crushing? Holding your rank? That has nothing to do with anything! Don't look down on heroes you moron!"]]
* Speed of Sound Sonic eventually reveals one of his more powerful abilities: [[spoiler: [[SpeedEchoes Speed Clones]]. In particular he is capable of making ten clones at a given time, which Genos considered impossible for a human to do and was revered by Sonic as being the only technique capable of killing Saitama. Then Saitama busts one of the moves from his [[LetsGetDangerous "Serious Series"]]... '' '''[[UpToEleven and reveals that he can create]] [[AlwaysSomeoneBetter hundreds of speed clones]]''' ''.]]
** Saitama used his Serious Series against Sonic. Up to that point, he'd only used them against [[spoiler: Boros' planet-destroyer final move.]] That's a huge achievement for the ninja (althought it [[CurbStompBattle doesn't help him much]]).

[[folder: Monster Raid Arc]]
* Metal Bat proving why he's an S-Class Hero by taking down Human Bird, Rafflesidon, and Junior & Senior Centipede, who are both Demon-level threats, by himself.
* Metal Bat managing to get several hits on Elder Centipede's face, a Dragon-level threat. He even managed to get back up after Elder Centipede threw him a great distance. Unfortunately, he landed near [[spoiler: Garou]].
** And that's not all: as shown in [[spoiler: his fight against Garou]], he gets gradually stronger while fighting, meaning he could have unleashed even stronger blows against the centipede. Also, [[spoiler: even though it doesn't succeed, his ultimate technique against Garou manages to hit him so hard Garou's left with his bones shaking, despite having deflected every single one of his blows. The hero hunter himself acknowledges that a direct hit would have been troublesome.]]
** The next chapter just ups the ante of Metal Bat's badassery. [[spoiler: Just as Garou thinks he's won, it jump cuts to Metal Bat about to ''smash his skull in with his bat''. He's forced to stop himself when his little sister shows up because [[HonorBeforeReason he promised not to be violent in front of her]] but it was still strong enough to leave a ''crater on the ground without hitting Garou''.]]
* Proof that anybody can be awesome: [[spoiler:Metal Bat's little sister does a GoThroughMe on Garou, having no way to protect her badly-beaten brother except by putting herself in the way. Apparently the badassitude is genetic.]]
* Genos defeating monsters left and right, including one monster that gave other heroes trouble.
* Drive Knight taking out a group of monsters with a SwissArmyWeapon while keeping one alive. He then points out that he's going to kill it anyways since it saw his weapon. He's just giving it the option of either dying painlessly if it gives him information or be tortured by him until it gives up the information anyways.
* In the Murata-redrawn manga, there's a meeting between a council of master swordsmen, which includes Atomic Samurai. During the meeting, one of their group named Haragiri reveals that he'd accepted an offer by the Monster Association and joined them by injecting monster cells into himself, which he claims made his speed of sound-fast quickdraw technique even faster. He tells the others to do the same and goes to kill Atomic Samurai with his quickdraw technique. [[spoiler: Atomic Samurai waits until monster Haragiri's sword is basically resting against his neck before drawing his own sword and slicing Haragiri and his sword to tiny pieces in an instant]].
* Suiryu taking out all the combatants turned monsters by himself, dealing [[CurbStompBattle Curb-Stomp Battles]] to each one but the last. He even managed to deflect a powerful energy attack with his bare hands!
* Suiryu's response to Bakuzan's demand to lick his feet? ''He snaps the monster's toe'', and then, in a moment of great humility, [[AintTooProudToBeg screams out for a hero to save him, Snek and Max.]] Bakuzan, in an attempt to demonstrate despair to him, crushes Snek. [[spoiler:Nope. Saitama shows up just in the nick of time to save his fellow hero from death thanks to Suiryu's call for help, praises Suiryu for resisting until he arrived, and says he'll take things from here. Bakuzan is ''screwed''. ''Again.'' Note: Saitama is also rendered entirely seriously in this chapter.]]
* In the following chapter: [[spoiler: Bakuzan recognizes Saitama and decides to kill him, on the assumption that Saitama was cheating during the tournament. Unfortunately, after beating Saitama up with his new powers (with no real effect on Saitama), he's killed by Saitama's one punch.]]
** [[spoiler: Suiryu thanks Saitama for saving him and explains the situation, even mentioning Gouketsu (who manages to beat Genos off screen). Saitama decides to go after him and see his strength for himself. Suiryu is saddened that he couldn't stop him, since he finally admitted he was a true hero. However, a few pages later... [[OffscreenMomentOfAwesome the battle ends with Gouketsu's head falling beside Suiryu, much to his shock.]]]]
** [[spoiler: When Suiryu asks Saitama (who returns [[CrowningMomentOfFunny to tell Suiryu to keep his tournament participation secret]]) if he's fit to be a hero like him, this is his response:]]
---> '''Saitama''': [[spoiler: I dunno. Well, before I got excessively strong, I got a beat-down pretty much like yours... And of course I was damn scared of the monsters at first. But if I could become a hero... Then I guess anyone can, right?]]

[[folder: Hero Hunt Arc]]
* Garou gets injured and cornered by a group of heroes who have him beaten down, poisoned, and bruised. [[spoiler:He still manages to get his strength up to not only plow through them, but block a stream of bullets that would have killed the kid in the shed behind him.]]
* The entire battle against Elder Centipede, from start to finish.
** First, the entire fact that the Monster Association names ''four'' heroes that can take on Elder Centipede and win: Tatsumaki, Metal Knight, King (really Saitama, as readers know), and the mysterious Blast. And Elder Centipede backs it up, taking everything Bang, Bomb, and Genos throw at him and coming out intact. It takes a ''Serious Punch'' from Saitama to finally kill the damn thing.
** Second, Bang, Bomb, and Genos actually fighting him. From the two martial artists' combination attack that shatters his carapace to Genos going inside him and then unleashing his strongest attack, just about any other monster would've been taken down. Too bad Elder Centipede is just that damn tough.
** And finally, King showing up with a megaphone, ''and taunting Elder Centipede with a lie about Blast's location''. King may be a bit of a coward, and he had Saitama backing him up the whole time, but that still takes brass balls the size of Jupiter.
** There's also the understated moments of Genos and Bang in turn offering to stay and buy time to let everyone else escape, and the fact that their first priority, before even fighting Elder Centipede, is to get the unconscious heroes Garou beat earlier to safety.
** The highlight of this arc: [[spoiler: '''[[FinishingMove Serious Series:]]''' '''[[MegatonPunch SERIOUS PUNCH!!!]]''' No words necessary...]]
** And the scale of it is just... incredible. [[spoiler:Elder Centipede just explodes, and the shockwave continues through the Beast until every inch of the thing just... disintegrates from the inside out.]] And Saitama and King just keep walking, ignoring the whole process.

[[folder: Monster Association Arc]]
* When Lightspeed Flash mistakes Saitama for a monster, [[spoiler: his first response is to use his Lightspeed Slash attack. Saitama dodges it like it was nothing. He tries the same attack again just to make sure it wasn't a fluke and Saitama performs a BareHandedBladeBlock ''with one hand''. And once again, neither of these really push him to his limit; he doesn't even use his serious series moves or anything. Saitama just casually dodges and blocks ''[[FasterThanLightTravel faster than the speed of light]]''. Flash, who's normally one of the more arrogant heros, immediately gets the hint not to mess with Saitama (unlike most beings) and quickly claims those attacks were an accident.]]
* Saitama vs [[spoiler: Garou. The Hero Hunter truly lives up to his name when he undergoes a metamorposis that turns him into a devilish figure, [[NotSoDifferent leaving him]] ''[[OhCrap bald]]'', and takes out the S-Class Heroes with virtually no effort, becoming the closest to approaching the level of might that the protagonist himself has yet. Though Garou is overwhelmed every time they clash, he actually keeps mostly-even pace with Saitama, and even after taking punch after punch, ''doesn't show any damage.'' It's only after he grows so infuriated with Saitama's inability to be surpassed and transforming into a gradually more grotesque monster that he actually ''weakens'', allowing Saitama to defeat him in the usual fashion. Though his villainous status is called into question afterwards, he is the one, the ''only'' antagonist to ''ever'' hold against a Saitama consistently going on the offensive.]]

[[folder:Psychic Sisters Arc]]
* [[spoiler: Fubuki fighting her sister Tatsumaki. What makes this awesome is that it shows Fubuki's growth. From cowering from her sister to trying to fight her as an equal. She lost but the thought still counts]]
** [[spoiler: Her group coming to her aid and showing off their own super forms to team up against Tatsumaki is equally commendable, as is Saitama rising from the ground pissed off.]]
%%* And then came [[spoiler:[[CoolVsAwesome Saitama vs. Tatsumaki]]]]
* 18 years ago, Tatsumaki was kidnapped by a group of scientists and experimented on. When she stopped being able to use her telekinesis, they decided to lock her in a cell and said they would only let her out when she began performing again. Before this could happen, one of their monsters got loose and began rampaging through the base, bearing down on the helpless Tornado. Suddenly, a mysterious figure kills the monster.
--> '''Tatusmaki:''' "Who are you?"
--> [[spoiler:'''Blast]]:''' "[[spoiler:I'm Blast. I work as a hero.]]"

[[folder: Bonus Chapters]]
* For a manga that deconstructs shounen tropes, it still managed to play one straight: namely, Saitama telling a Class-B Hero to [[{{Determinator}} never give up on working hard to advance beyond their limits.]] [[spoiler: This is after Saitama kills a [[OurDemonsAreDifferent giant propeller fan]] with one punch that a previous S-class hero (ranked 2nd) didn't completely destroy after it wiped out the B-rank hero's similarly ranked comrades.]]
* King has one feat under his belt that shows he's worthy of his name: he beat 30 members of the Blizzard Group single-handed [[spoiler:in a video game competition.]]
** It's also worth mentioning that the tiny geeky member of the Blizzard Group who managed to beat Bang, Genos and Saitama at the game is still a B-class Hero in his own right. Little guy must be tougher than he looks.

[[folder: Meta]]
* The utterly absurd odds that this series had to overcome to get to where it is today. It started out as a poorly-drawn webcomic. Despite the poor art, it got incredibly popular, eventually gaining the attention of Yusuke Murata, the illustrator for Manga/Eyeshield21. Murata offered to redraw One Punch Man for digital publication by Weekly Young Jump. From there, it continued to grow in popularity, gaining an international release, and finally, the lovingly animated masterpiece that we all know.
* FandomRivalry with Franchise/DragonBall and Franchise/{{Superman}} fandoms over who is stronger. These two fandoms are well-known for their stern refusal to accept their respective favorite is not the strongest hero ever; it's the reason why they've been at each other's throats for years. However, they are also pretty dismissive of most characters from other franchises with comparable showings, only really focusing on each other as a rival. The fact that Saitama's been accepted as a serious contender in their UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny speaks volumes about how impressive his exploits have been. ''Especially since Dragon Ball has been around for a few decades and Superman for nearly a CENTURY, giving plenty of time to have legendary exploits, while One Punch Man only appeared a few years ago.''
* The English dub: the fact that Creator/BangZoomEntertainment were able to get Creator/ChristopherSabat and Creator/MikeMcFarland, two voice actors who usually work with Creator/FUNimation, as part of the dub cast (albeit as characters who don't last beyond a single episode).
* Once Season 2 of the anime got announced the tweet from the official One Punch Man twitter got almost 30K retweets and One Punch Man Season 2 was also trending for an entire day.
* Not only did it air on Toonami, and not only did it constantly get high ratings, but it also managed to get episode promos for each episode after the third episode. The first time a show got this on Toonami since the first runs of ''Anime/SpaceDandy'' and '''Manga/AttackOnTitan'''.

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* SugarWiki/AwesomeArt: Not just the realism and detail of Murata's illustrations, but the sheer SCALE of them!
* How Madhouse handled the job of animating the story for Fall 2015. Just the already-[[http://youtu.be/90Ita6-vmy4 Godlike OP]] (extra bonus for having Music/JAMProject do the honors) is enough proof that [[AwesomeArt they definitely pulled out all the stops.]]
* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atxYe-nOa9w The opening.]] Made more awesome since it's by [[Music/JamProject JAM Project]]. The entire anime soundtrack in general.
* SugarWiki/VisualEffectsOfAwesome: The anime, particularly in the fight scenes, is praised for being downright '''gorgeous''' to look at, with many seeing it equalling (and in some instances, to some people, surpassing) Creator/{{Ufotable}} levels of quality. Making it all the more impressive, however, is that it's being done on the usual budget for an anime - it's all, aside from having some of the best animators in the industry working on the anime, the passion for the original work that these animators have for it, working their best on an average budget.