* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xLWJOG7dO4 entire opening pre-credits sequence]] still holds up.
* When Orlov is interrogated by Bond, he gives him an OhCrap moment to rival a similar scene in ''Awesome/{{Goldfinger}}'', with just two words:
-->'''Bond''': I am more concerned about an atomic bomb exploding on a US Air Force base in West Germany! You can't be inviting a nuclear war. What happens when the US retaliates?\\
'''General Orlov''': [[WhamLine Against whom?]]\\
'''Bond''': [[OhCrap My God... of course.]] Our early-warning system will rule out the bomb having come from Russia or anywhere else. Everyone will assume incorrectly... that it was a American bomb triggered accidentally.\\
'''Orlov''': Yes, that would be the most plausible explanation.\\
'''Bond''': Europe and NATO will then insist on full nuclear disarmament... and leaving every border undefended for you and the Warsaw Pact to walk across at will!\\
'''Orlov''': You took the words right out of my mouth.\\
'''Bond''': And I suppose it doesn't matter a damn to you that thousands of innocent people will be killed in this little "accident" of yours?\\
'''Orlov''': Better than letting a handful of old men in Moscow bargain away our advantage in disarmament talks!
** Meta CMOA for Roger Moore: this scene proves that HeReallyCanAct despite the comedic overtones of his entire 12 years as 007.
* Orlov's first appearance where he announces his vision for invading Western Europe; Steven Berkoff plays the part of the LargeHam in all its glory.
** Followed up by General Gogol's impressive rejection of Orlov's warmongering, shooting down the mad general's zealous overconfidence.
* Bond stealing Orlov's car and driving on its ''rims'' across the border in pursuit of the train, jumping clear just before another train sends his ride flying.
* Bond (dressed as a clown) says "I am deadly serious!" ''And we believe him.''
* Q orchestrating an assault on the BigBad's palace involving a hot-air balloon and several dozen bikini-clad jewel-thief circus contortionists.
** The fact that these women managed to take down an entire fortress full of goons using (Mostly) non-lethal means to take them all down.
** This leads to a great moment once Q lands the balloon; the ladies make such a fuss over helping him out of the basket... apparently Bond isn't the only SexGod at MI-6. Best of all is Q's reaction; instead of being all, "Leave me alone," it's more like, "Let me get out of this thing first!"
* Bond rolls Kamal Khan's dice after realizing they are rigged to always land a double-six, but he doesn't bother to look at them to confirm it. He instead just stares at Kamal's pissed off face.
-->'''Bond:''' Well, I should use ''your'' "lucky dice". ''(shakes to roll)'' Player's privilege. ''(rolls, doesn't look at the result, directly at Kamal)'' Double sixes. Fancy that. '''''I win.'''''
** Gobinda has his own CMOA by ''crushing the dice with his fist'', never taking his eye's off Bond with a really effective DeathGlare.
* Bond's literal AndThisIsFor moment when he avenges 009:
-->'''Mischka''' (prepares to stab Bond): And this... for my brother!
-->'''Bond''' (dodges knife by swinging the door he's pinned to open, and throws his own, killing him): And ''that's'' for 009!
* Bond sliding down a bannister with a machine gun. And he just manages to shoot the front piece off before he gets to it.
* The whole final action sequence, with Bond clinging to the top of Kahn's plane in mid-air, even as the plane moves upside down.