Awesome / Number the Stars

  • The Resistance and the actions of many ordinary Danes like the Johannsens and Uncle Henrik (along with his fishermen peers) in fighting back against the Nazis and saving their Jewish neighbors and friends, all this despite they'd risk their lives for their actions, because as Mrs. Johannsen says: "That's what friends do. They help each other."
  • Peter and Lise. Both were members of the Danish Resistance and have been killed for it, yet they'd do it again.
  • Kirsti's fearless attitude towards the Nazi soldiers that stopped and interrogated her, Annemarie, and Ellen when they were running in the street.
  • Mr. Johannsen telling the Nazis off when they harass them in the middle of the night, try to find incriminating evidence that Ellen (as Lise) is Jewish, and insinuate that Mrs. Johannsen slept with the Milkman. He then takes the photos taken of all three of his daughters as "proof" (his late blonde daughter Lise was raven haired at birth).
  • The Johannsen Parents' quick thinking, especially when Mrs. Johannsen tells her husband it'd be less suspicious if he stayed home and went to work while she takes the girls to her brothers.
    • Her act in convincing the Nazis from opening the coffin containing her fake dead Aunt Birte, despite receiving a slap from one of them for her troubles.
  • The drugged handkerchiefs, which would damage the Nazi's hunting dogs' sense of smell in order to successfully take the Danish Jews to neutral Sweden.
  • Annemarie makes Obfuscating Stupidity a moment of awesome when the Nazis stop her on her way to deliver her uncle's lunch and the handkerchief. There is also when she briefly calls them out when they ask if she has meat in the picnic basket and she replies "We don't have any meat, your soldiers take them away from us."