Awesome / Newsflesh


  • Georgia and a helmetless Shaun use a hill as an improvised ramp and jump a motorcycle over a pack of hunting zombies in the very first chapter of Feed.
  • George's dying post at the end of Feed. On your way to becoming a mindless flesh-eater? Blog about the horrible things you've uncovered and distribute all the files that prove it.


  • Shaun and Becks' escape from the CDC, followed by cheerfully informing the guy who just tried to kill them that they'll be reporting all of this.
  • Kelly stabbing Dr. Wynne, then staying behind to ensure the others' escape after she's been infected.


  • Shaun taking advantage of his KA immunity by vaporizing a group of zombies in the hallway he's in with grenades.
  • Shaun's confrontation with the Masons, including accusing them of deliberately letting Phillip be infected for higher ratings. Below the belt, yes, and completely untrue as we learned in "Countdown," but boy is it satisfying to see them taken down a peg.
  • The Fox taking out several of the CDC goons, deliberately not making head shots so they'll zombify and go after the others.
  • Becks' Heroic Sacrifice. Managing to have gotten a grenade past the Secret Service is one thing, but then smiling like a pageant winner before blowing up herself, a zombie mob, and part of the White House? What a way to go!