Awesome / New Vindicators

With the Long Runner that is New Vindicators, there's plenty of awesome moments.

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New Vindicators
  • Riding Deimos off the Empire State Building dozens of stories down into the street.

New Vindicators Academy of Europe
    Blue Knight 

  • Will Arnett being held in an MI-18 prison on the Astral Plane, heavily guarded with men and technology. Lex simply blows a hole in the defenses with an RPG and races in and out with Mr. Arnett before anyone barely has the chance to react.





  • Defeating Lacuna, his insane sister and the true force behind Laputa, not through combat but with a little magic and a few well placed words. By making it look like she had gotten their mind-controlled father (controlled by her, that is) killed, Jason is able to use the resulting What Have I Done moment to persuade her to release control over Erudite and surrender.