Awesome / New Vindicators

With the Long Runner that is New Vindicators, there's plenty of awesome moments.

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New Vindicators
  • Riding Deimos off the Empire State Building dozens of stories down into the street.

  • Bulwark vs. Smug Snake Gabriel Farouk. Gabe thinks that with time control based superspeed and a soul weapon that can hurt Bulwark, he's got it in the bag. Except Bulwark happens to have several times Gabe's lifespan in combat experience, trapping the Egyptian in an enclosed space, and predicting his attack pattern after a few exchanges. The moment Farouk slips up, he's a Fragile Speedster in the grip of a Mighty Glacier. Then ensues the CMOF as Bulwark puts Gabe through a Humiliation Conga before finally killing him.
Gabriel: “Let go of me, you imbecilic-”
Bulwark: “Is that anyway to talk to the guy who saved your life?”
Gabriel: “When did you ever save my life?”
Bulwark: “Every day that went by, I had to make a conscious decision to not kill you. It was very difficult. I think that counts as saving your life.”

New Vindicators Academy of Europe
    Blue Knight 

  • Will Arnett being held in an MI-18 prison on the Astral Plane, heavily guarded with men and technology. Lex simply blows a hole in the defenses with an RPG and races in and out with Mr. Arnett before anyone barely has the chance to react.





  • Defeating Lacuna, his insane sister and the true force behind Laputa, not through combat but with a little magic and a few well placed words. By making it look like she had gotten their mind-controlled father (controlled by her, that is) killed, Jason is able to use the resulting What Have I Done moment to persuade her to release control over Erudite and surrender.