Awesome / Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: About halfway through, Glori locks Nelson in a hut. Then she cuts the ice around the hut with a chainsaw, causing the hut to sink into icy water. Yeah, that's pretty cool... but then Nelson grabs a key from inside a fish and punches through a skylight to escape.
  • When Nelson is finally forced to admit that the Hidden People aren't a trick of the light he is, understandably, freaked out and tries to leave Scoggins. Then he finds out that Sheriff Bahg fully expected him to leave and had the Innowner spy on him until he did. Nelson responds by deciding to change his mind, face his fears, and solve the goddamn mystery. If that wasn't the moment you started seeing Nelson as a competent FBI agent, than the above example probably was.
  • Puzzle Agent 2's space dream. With the help of the Hidden People, Nelson serenely puts together everything he's learned about the game's backstory and gains cosmic understanding... without a single word being spoken. Well, not in the dream, anyway. The music is part of the experience.
    • This culminates in a mathematical puzzle that can be solved through instinct, giving the player the feeling of just instinctively knowing.