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Awesome: Munto
  • Several on the part of Yumemi, whenever she gains the confidence to use her power.
    • The climax has probably the best moment when she verbally chews out Gntarl and knocks him flying when he threatens her friends.
  • Gass taking out a squadron of God ships by himself in the second half/OVA. While being supposedly weakened by his curse.
  • Second half/OVA; Munto is pinned down and about to be comes Leica in a sudden and rather awesome Big Damn Heroes moment.
    • In the first half, she managed to fight Gass one-on-one. Didn't win, but she didn't expect to. However, she most certainly held her own.
  • Kazuya and Suzume swimming across the river is this and a heartwarming moment. Bonus points for inspiring Yumemi to believe in Munto and herself and save them all.
  • Doubles as heartwarming, but Suzume, as a second grader, walked all the way to Yumemi's house starting from a neighbouring town so they could eat lunch together.
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